Classic glove with a surprisingly nice fit

€ 69,95 € 62,95

Niet alleen fraai, ook een verrassend fijne pasvorm! Kies de Tracker in bruin of zwart.

With its perfect silhouette combined with high-quality stitching and elegant details including the decorative stitching on the outer surface, the tracker is one of the best types of motorbike glove. An additional adjustable strap with a metal emblem at the wrist tops off the traditional style of this classic glove perfectly. Its protective properties are achieved using a combination of 1 - 1.1mm of abrasion resistant leather at the places most at risk in a fall and high-tech reinforcement at the knuckles. The natural breathability of bovine leather ensures that the skin’s moisture is channeled out, while also protecting the biker from the cold and wind.

  • bovine leather / thickness 1-1.1 mm
  • perforated panels at back & thumb area
  • high tech knuckle reinforcement
  • adjustable clasp with metal emblem at the wrist
  • contrast stitching touch-screen
  • leather on index fingers

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