Kriega has a passion for creating the best possible luggage solutions for riders and believe good design and style matters.
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Kriegs motorcycle luggage


Only a few companies have specialized in producing luggage systems for motorcyclists only. At least in Europe, Kriega being the most famous of them. Do not expect a bargain deal on a backpack or tailbag, do expect a handsome, versatile and timeless product that will last year after year no matter your mileage.


The story behind Kriega


Back in 2000, Dom Longman and Michael Cottam, who were working in the outdoor industry at the time, became frustrated by the lack of high quality, well designed luggage for motorcycle riders and decided they should use their combined expertise and fill a gap in the market they believed existed.


The goal from day one was to build a reputation for creating the highest quality and best designed products on the market, offering unrivalled standards of functionality and craftsmanship. It was a very conscious decision from the start to be a non-fashion brand that focused on producing function driven design that was not compromised or constrained by creating products to a pre-determined price. The first Kriega backpack was nearly double the retail price of the best alternatives available at the time, but the unwavering belief that anything designed with passion and attention to detail will work has ensured Kriega are now at the very top of the motorcycle market in terms of brand perception and user satisfaction.


An often-asked question is where did the name Kriega come from? The brand actually started out being called Krug (in homage to the Wes Craven created character, later to become Freddy Krugger). As the first batch of Krug product arrived, so did a Trade Mark infringement letter from Krug champagne. Not the best of starts! The brand soon changed to Kriega but continued using the instantly recognizable K logo, and for some time the early “limited edition” Krug backpacks commanded premium prices when sold second hand.




Since 2000 not only has the reputation of Kriega grown along with the product offering, which now includes a large range of rider packs, bike packs and accessories but so has availability. Kriega is now available in over 40 countries globally and growing by the month! Kriega strongly believes that good design matters. Rev’it, motorcycle fashion brand in The Netherlands has the same philosophy and decided to launch a collection of luggage made by Kriega.

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