Quad Lock® has perfected the mounting system technology so you can integrate your smartphone on your motorbike, bike, car or any other vehicle. Quad Lock Phone Cases and Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts are some of the best protective accessories.
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Quad Lock smartphone mounts

Quad Lock offers a massive selection of protective phone cases for various iPhone and Android phone models, along with an array of Quad Lock mounts that can withstand the intensity of motorcycle riding. Quad Lock developed a patented dual-stage locking mechanism to ensure your phone is securely locked to the mount. It is also easy to use as it can be attached and detached with one hand. The Quad Lock mechanism is strong enough to lift up to 80kg, and it is made with polycarbonate core and impact-absorbing TPU. These are protective and impact-resistant, so your phone is secure even on the most extreme rides. They have a sleek and slim profile and a soft-touch material making them perfect for day-to-day use.

Quad Lock for Motorcyclists

With Quad Lock by your side, you're always ready for the perfect motorcycle ride. This reliable mounting system ensures that your smartphone stays firmly in place, even during the most challenging rides. Whether navigating winding roads or simply playing your favorite tunes, Quad Lock makes it easy and safe. Thanks to its versatility, you can mount your smartphone in various ways, keeping you hands-free and organized at all times. Choose Quad Lock and make every ride a seamless experience.

Quad Lock is known for its sturdy and durable design, making it resistant to the vibrations and shocks associated with motorcycle riding. This ensures that the smartphone stays securely in place, even on bumpy roads. Without this vibration absorption, the delicate technology in your phone's camera, among other components, could be damaged.


History of Quad Lock

Founded by Chris Peters and Rob Ward, Quad Lock started as a Kickstarter campaign in December 2011. Because of Quad Lock’s kick-ass products, it smashed its funding goal, and the cycling community raved about their Quad Lock Phone Holders and Quad Lock Bike Mounts. From then on, it has been developing and manufacturing innovative solutions using advanced smartphone mounting technology. In addition, Quad Lock has developed an entire collection for the motorbike. Today, it has sold millions of Quad Lock products worldwide, and it has one of the best Australian startup success stories in recent years.

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