A flip up helmet differs from a full face helmet in that it has a chin piece that can be flipped up. The big advantage is that you can easily talk to each other and also ride 'open' at lower speeds.
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Flip up helmets for motorcyclists

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is extremely important for riders. Helmets protect your head, the most important part of your body. Flip up helmets are motorcycle helmets you can wear in two ways: open and closed. This option makes flip up helmets extremely popular among motorcyclists. Instructors, police officers and other motorcyclists who want to communicate aren't seen without a flip up helmet. Avid tour riders also often wear a flip up helmet on their motorcycle.

Flip up motorcycle helmets are equipped with an adjustable chin piece. When the chin piece is open, you can easily talk to others. It is also nice to open the flip up helmet when you ride at a lower speed. The riding wind cools your face at higher temperatures. Furthermore, flip up helmets are very suitable for people who wear glasses, because they'll often have extra space around the ears. Thanks to the adjustable chin piece, it is easy to put on and take off your glasses.


HJC, Shoei, LS2, Scorpion and Nolan flip up helmets

At Biker Outfit you will find flip up helmets from many different brands. We have flip up helmets from HJC, Scorpion, LS2, Nolan, Shoei and Schuberth, among others. These brands all offer different models, so you have a lot of choice and will always find a flip up helmet that suits you well. The fit of a flip up motorcycle helmet is the most important thing if you want to experience the highest possible protection. Try on different models and find out which brand suits the shape of your head. For example, the fit of HJC, LS2 and Scorpion helmets is not the same. Don't be blinded by one brand but go for a perfectly fitting flip up helmet.


Flip up helmets with an integrated sun visor

A flip up helmet with an integrated sun visor is useful for all fair-weather riders. The sun in your eyes hinders your vision, making it harder for you to focus on the road. With a sun visor you no longer have this problem. Almost all flip up helmets are equipped with a sun visor. The advantage of a flip up helmet is that you can wear the helmet open and use the sun visor at the same time. Ideal for all your sunny motorcycle rides.


Buy the best flip up helmet at Biker Outfit

Are you looking for the best flip up helmet? Then you've come to the right place at Biker Outfit! Thanks to our wide range of flip up helmets from well-known brands such as Scorpion, HJC, Shoei and LS2, we can certainly provide you with a suitable model. Make your choice between different fits, materials, closures and colour schemes. Do you want the best of the best? Then go for a light flip up helmet made of carbon with a double-D closure, Pinlock system and sun visor. Of course you will also find budget-friendly flip up helmets in our range. Ideal for novice motorcyclists. Feel free to visit our shop to try on different flip up helmets. Our specialists are always ready to provide you with advice.

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