As a motorcyclist you are vulnerable and it's therefore important to wear protective and comfortable motorcycle clothing. Regardless of the style, we have motorcycle gear that suits you!

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Motorcycle gear

Motorcycle clothing is essential for every motorcyclist. You'll feel a lot safer and confident on the motorbike when you wear protective motorcycle clothing. Go for a motorcycle outfit that suits your style aswell as your bike's. When you're looking for new motorcycle clothing it's also important to think about the season you want to wear it. Will you only ride on warm, sunny days? Then ventilated motorcycle clothing, or motorcycle clothing with ventilation options, is a must for your wardrobe. When you ride your motorbike all year round, a motorcycle jacket and motorcycle pants with a removable thermal liner are the ideal solution. At Biker Outfit we are happy to advise you in your search for the right motorcycle outfit.


Protect your body with motorcycle clothing

Wearing protective motorcycle clothing is extremely important, both in traffic and on the track. A leather suit or two piece is essential when you want to have safe ride on the track. But leather motorcycle clothing will also give you the best protection on the roads. In fact, leather motorcycle clothing is the safest choice for any type of riding. Of course, a textile motorcycle outfit  will offer you excellent protection. Motorcycle clothing is equipped with various protectors on critical parts. Think of elbow, shoulder, knee, hip and back protection. Motorcycle clothing is made with abrasion-resistant materials and fabrics to protect your skin.


Comfortable motorcycle clothing for every type of motorcyclist

Aside from protective aspects, you also want your motorcycle clohting to fit comfortably. You want to be comfortable while riding your motorbike. But also while strolling through the city or when you're having a drink at a cafe during a necessary break. Not all motorcyle outfits are equally comfotable. A sleek one-piece leather suit offers less comfort than a wind- and waterproof textile motorcycle jacket and pants. Choose the right balance between safety and comfort, and go for motorbike clothing that suits your riding style.


A motorcycle jacket, motorcycle suit and other gear for motorcyclists

You'll find motorcycle clothing in different styles. There's a suitable outfit for every type of motorcyclist. A lot of motorcyclists go for a combination of a motorcycle jacket and motorcycle pants or a complete motorcycle suit. Nowadays we see a lot of motorbike riders with motorcycle hoodies and motorcycle jeans. You won't be able to see the difference between a normal outfit and protective motorcyle clothing. Ideal for motorcyclists with a casual style. You can expand your motorcycle equipment with all kinds of accessories, rainwear or even an airbag vest. Don't forget to take good care of your motorcycle gear. This way you'll extend the life cycle of your outfit.


Shop motorcycle clothing online at Biker Outfit

Biker Outfit is the place for your new motorcycle gear. In our wide range of clothes you'll find brands such as REV'IT!, Alpinestars, Dainese and Richa. You can easily order your protective motorcycle outfit online through our webshop. If you place your order before 4 p.m. on a business day, we will ship the same day (when in stock). Of course you're more than welcome to visit our motorcycle clothing store in Amsterdam. We are happy to help you make the right decisions, so you'll hit the road safely and comfortably!


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