If the temperature becomes tropical, you want to be as cool as possible on the motorbike. Vented clothing can already bring a lot of relief, but even if that is not enough, a cooling vest will be the solution.
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Motorcycle cooling vest & cooling gear

Sometimes you have those tropical days that nothing seems to cool you down. Nowadays there are different types of cooling vests available which can cool you up to 7 hours. Motorcyclists who once have used a cooling vest do not want to drive without anymore when temperatures are getting high!


Different types of motor cooling vests

Both Alpinestars and Rev'it - as well as other brands - have a cooling vest in their collection. There are actually 2 types to distinguish. One you fill the cooling vest with water, the other you immerse the vest in water. In the latter, the cooling vest is left in the water for a few minutes so that it can absorp the water. Then you squeeze out the cooling vest and you have a cooling vest that can refresh you for several hours. The water is absorbed in the fabric and evaporates. Your body temperature will go down nicely through the wind. Cooling vests that are filled with water work according to the same principle. Because there is more water in the vest and evaporation goes slower, these vests keep you cool for a longer period.

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