This type of motorcycle helmet is known by many names such as adventure, enduro, cross, dual sports, off-road and as here: all road. With a small difference in properties, but with one common denominator, the peak!
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Although this type of helmet is known by many names, it has one common denominator, namely the peak. You will find names for this type of motorcycle helmet such as adventure, enduro, cross, dual sports, off-road and as we call it: all road. This then relates to the fact that you can wear this type of helmet on the street as well as off-road: so 'all road'.

This type of helmet usually consists of one part, with which it has many similarities with a full-face helmet, with the distinctive element: the peak. Which protects you from the dazzling sun and splashing sand when riding off-road.

With the information below we would like to advise you when buying an all-road motorcycle helmet. Do you have any questions or would you like to receive expert advice from one of our specialists? Then you can always contact our customer service.


Why choose an off-road helmet?

An all-road helmet can be seen as a motocross helmet with a visor. There are several variants of this. For example, some have a sun visor or a chin piece that can be folded up, such as with a modular helmet. You can also take advantage of the sun visor with these helmets, as with a motocross helmet. The advantage of an all-road helmet is that it can also be used on the road for long distances.
If you are a real enduro rider, you are probably looking for a motocross helmet. This is equipped with a sun visor and ample ventilation. Motocross helmets usually do not have a visor. This has to do with the oxygen supply, which is of great importance in a physically intensive sport such as motocross. The chin piece is often longer than with a traditional full-face helmet. In this way, the oxygen supply is once again optimal.

In addition to the motocross helmets that are intended for nothing more than motocross and serious off-road, there are also a number of helmets that fall between the extreme off-roader and the classic full-face helmet. These are more geared towards road use, which is reflected in the use of a visor and a slightly heavier helmet shell.


Brands all road helmets

At Biker Outfit, we carry a wide range of motorcycle helmets from various brands. The enduro motorcycle helmets that you can buy from us include the brands Airoh, Alpinestars, Shoei, Scorpion and Bell. In addition to this category, we have an extensive range of integral, system and jet helmets from Shoei, AGV, HJC, Schuberth, Scorpion, Shark, Roof, Roeg, Bell, IXS, LS2 and Caberg. These brands all have a different price range, so you can also pass for a cheaper helmet. This has everything to do with the materials and production techniques used. This is also due to the extra facilities, such as whether or not an integrated sun visor. The helmets also all have a different closure, such as a ratchet closure or double-D closure. Most helmets are unisex, but we also have a number of helmets that have a special women's version, which is often only in the color scheme. It is possible in our webshop to filter the color of the helmet, so that you can choose a helmet that matches the rest of your motorcycle outfit.


How do you determine the correct fit of an enduro helmet?

The fit is very important when purchasing a motorcycle helmet. An off-road helmet must be comfortable and fit well everywhere if it is to be safe. A helmet that is too large can be very uncomfortable if you are going at high speed on the highway and there is movement in the helmet. In addition, the helmet will no longer do what it is intended for in the event of a collision. An all-road motorcycle helmet that is too large will cause you to make a collision in your helmet on impact. A helmet that is too tight on the other hand, causes irritation while driving. Do you find it difficult to estimate the correct size and fit of a new motorcycle helmet? Then visit our store in Amsterdam. Here you will find a wide range of motorcycle helmets and motorcycle clothing.


Biker Outfit customer service

Do you have questions about an adventure motorcycle helmet? Please contact our customer service specialists. We are happy to assist you with expert advice! In addition to off-road helmets, you can also find other accessories such as waterproof bags, winter gloves, summer gloves and heated gloves. We also offer a wide range of motorcycle clothing. You are of course very welcome in our store in Amsterdam. Here you will find our full range of all-road motorcycle helmets and you can try everything on. You can order offroad helmets quickly and easily from us.

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