As the name suggests a saddlebag is attached to your saddle. The advantage is that you don't have to carry weight on your body. Saddlebags can either stand straight on the saddle, or hang left and right next to the saddle.
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Motorcycle saddlebag


Attaching a saddle bag to your motorbike is a good option if you want to take things with you on a ride. Saddlebags for motorcycles are attached, as the name suggests, to the saddle. Because they're attached to the passenger seat, you'll hardly notice that you're riding with luggage. Saddlebags have different sizes. For example, there are saddlebags with a volume of 5 or 10 liters, but if you want to take a lot of stuff with you, you can even purchase a model with a capacity of more than 60 liters. A saddle bag with such a large capacity is perfect for long motorcycle trips. Clothing, shoes, a toiletry bag and other necessities easily fit. This way you can easily transport a lot of stuff with your motorcycle. There are various motorcycle saddlebag styles. There's a matching saddle bag for every type of motorcycle.


Waterproof saddlebags for motorcycle trips in the rain


You never know what the weather will dow when you go out with your motorcycle for several days. Of course you want to make sure all the things you take with you stay dry. With a waterproof saddle bag you prevent your items getting wet and you can travel with your motorcycle without any worries. Unexpected rain showers will not affect your clothes and shoes  in your waterproof saddle bag. A lot of waterproof saddlebags have a handy roll-up system. By rolling up the top of the bag, as it were, you ensure that no water can enter through the opening of the saddle bag. These types of saddle bags are also called roll bags. But beware: not every roll bag is a saddle bag. In addition to waterproof saddle bags, there are also a lot of bags with water-repellent properties available.


Universal motorcycle saddlebags


A universal saddle bag is suitable for almost every motorcycle. You can attach universal bags to your motorcycle through various points, for example by placing straps under your saddle or by attaching straps to the frame of your motorcycle. Almost all motorcycles have a number of points to which you can attach universal saddlebags. This makes universal bags ideal for motorcyclists who change motorcycles every now and then. Even when you rent a motorcycle, you can always use a universal saddle bag to take necessary items with you.


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If you are looking for a convenient way to transport your belongings by motorcycle, you should take a look at saddlebags. Saddlebags are the perfect way to carry all your motorcycle essentials. There are models with a capacity of only a few liters, saddlebags that can hold more than 60 liters and everything in between. There is a suitable saddle bag for every type of rider and for every type of motorcycle trip. You can easily order saddlebags from brands such as SW-Motech, Bagster, Kriega and many others online via the Biker Outfit webshop.

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