Men's motorcycle shoes look like casual shoes but with protection at the ankles, heel and toe. No one will see that you are wearing motorcycle shoes, so never change clothes again when you arrive somewhere on your motorcycle!
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Men's motorcycle shoes

Men's motorcycle shoes are useful for every motorcyclist. Motorcycle shoes for men will protect your feet when you suddenly fall. This is due to the abrasion-resistant material in combination with sturdy protection parts at the ankles, heels and toes. The sole of men's motorcycle shoes is often very sturdy. Men's motorcycle shoes are made of real leather, synthetic leather, textile or a combination of leather and textile. All materials each have their own unique properties. You'll see a lot of textiles are used for motorcycle sneakers. The textile alternates with mesh parts, making the men's motorcycle shoe ventilated. It also gives it a look like a regular sneaker. Leather provides a stylish, classic look, but is often indistinguishable from a regular men's shoe.


Motorcycle sneakers and casual motorcycle shoes for men

A lot of men opt for men's motorcycle sneakers when they are looking for shoes to complete their motorcycle outfit. Motorcycle sneakers have a number of major advantages. In addition to protecting your feet, men's motorcycle sneakers are very comfortable and look very similar to regular sneakers. If you are not familiar with motorcycle sneakers, you would almost think the shoes offer no protection. The same applies to casual leather motorcycle shoes. You can endlessly combine both men's motorcycle sneakers and casual motorcycle shoes with motorcycle jeans and a cool motorcycle jacket. By doing this you create a casual outfit with a lot of comfort. Ideal if you want to stop regularly for a coffee break.


Motorcycle shoes for men with waterproof Gore-Tex membrane

It's even possible to wear waterproof motorcycle shoes for men. Men's motorcycle shoes with a waterproof membrane are indispensable when you want to ride your motorcycle all year round, and want to avoid wet feet. You'll find different types of membranes in men's motorcycle shoes. The best option is to go for a men's motorcycle shoe with a Gore-Tex membrane. Unlike many membranes from other brands, Gore-Tex is 100% waterproof. In addition, men's motorcycle shoes with a Gore-Tex membrane have a high breathability.


TCX, Alpinestars, Stylmartin and REV'IT motorcycle shoes for men

Many well-known brands make motorcycle shoes. TCX, Alpinestars, Stylmartin and REV'IT! are some brands with a wide range of motorcycle shoes for men. All motorcycle shoes are made to protect your toes, heels and ankles so you'll feel safe on your motorcycle. At the same time, men's motorcycle shoes from TCX, Alpinestars, Stylmartin, REV'IT! and other brands offer a lot of comfort. Even if you're not riding a motorcycle for a while!


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