Depending on how many items you want to take, there are various solutions to easily transport your luggage. Motorcycle bagbags, tank bags, saddle bags, roll bags, leg bags, you name it. There is something for every rider in every style!
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Luggage for motorcycles


It can be difficult to take a lot of stuff with you on a motorcycle trip. Although the right motorcycle luggage goes a long way in transporting your necessary items effortlessly. Depending on how much you want to take with you, there are different solutions to make taking luggage easier. Luggage for motorcycles comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. Different bags are available for different parts of the motorcycle. You can carry different bag types on your body. Like a leg bag, waist bag or a special ergonomic backpack for motorcyclists. In addition to motorcycle luggage, you will find all the necessary accessories at Biker Outfit, like straps to firmly secure your luggage or special locks to lock it safely to the bike.


Tank bags, roll bags and other kinds of motorcycle luggage


Tank bags and roll bags are often used by motorcyclists who want to transport items. A tank bag sits on the front of your motorcycle and comes in different sizes. Small tank bags, for example, are very suitable for a day trip and often have the option to place your phone or map in plain sight. Roll bags are made to carry a lot of luggage. They come in handy when you're going away with your motorcycle for a weekend or longer. Most roll bags are waterproof, so all your belongings will stay dry. Other commonly used forms of motorcycle luggage are saddle bags, waist bags, leg bags, backpacks and hydra bags.


Kriega, SW-Motech and Bagster motorcycle luggage


Motorcycle luggage is often offered by well-known motorcycle clothing brands. There are also brands who solely focus on the motorcycle luggage market, like Kriega, SW-Motech and Bagster. By purchasing motorcycle luggage from Kriega, SW-Motech or Bagster, you'll be sure your bags meet high quality standards. At Biker Outfit we have many different bags from well-known brands. There is enough choice to ensure you'll easily transport all your necessities on your motorcycle.


Luggage nets, straps, locks and other accessories for motorcycle luggage


Accessories for motorcycle luggage and motorcycle bags are also available in our store. Think about locks to securely lock your bags. Or straps and cargo nets to transport your motorcycle luggage without any worries. You don't want your bag to come loose. New motorcycle bag models are standardly equipped with the necessary straps to secure your luggage to the bike. Cargo or luggage nets allow you to easily attach extra items.


Buy your motorcycle luggage at Biker Outfit


We offer backpacks, tank bags, saddle bags, roll bags and other motorcycle luggage for a cheap price at Biker Outfit. Here you will find well-known brands such as Kriega, SW-Motech and Bagster. If you are looking for an easy way to transport things by motorcycle, we recommend  you take a look at our wide range. The possibilities for taking luggage on your motorbike are endless.

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