As the name suggests a tank bag is attached to your tank. The advantage is that you don't have to carry weight on your body. In addition, it can be handy to read your navigation or road map, which is in the upper (transparent) compartment of the tank bag.
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    Motorcycle tank bags


    A tank bag is a useful tool for transporting items with your motorcycle. Tank bags come in many shapes and sizes. The capacity of a tank bag is somewhere between 0 and 40 liters. Small tank bags are ideal for a day trip and offer space for your phone, keys, wallet, power bank, a drink and a snack. You often don't need much more when you go out on a day trip with your motorcycle. Larger tank bags, with a volume of between 30 and 40 liters, have enough space for much more stuff. With a large tank bag you can easily carry a change of clothes and other necessities for a weekend trip. This makes a tank bag the ideal replacement for a backpack. You can imagine riding without a backpack makes motorcycling more comfortable.


    Attach the tank bag with a tank ring or magnet


    An important part when it comes to tank bags is the method of attachment. There are three ways to attach a tank bag to your motorcycle. The first way is using magnets. Magnets only work if the motorcycle tank is made of metal. However, it is the easiest way to secure a tank bag. A second option is to attach a tank bag with a tank ring. A tank ring fits on the fuel cap of your motorcycle. Then easily click the tank bag into the ring. The plus side of this is that the tank bag always floats above the tank of your motorcycle. This way the tank cannot be damaged. The final way to attach a tank bag is using straps and adapters. It takes a little more time to attach the adapters and straps, but the tank bag will stay neatly on the tank of your motorcycle.


    Motorcycle tank bags from Kriega, SW-Motech and other brands


    Tank bags for motorcycles are offered by many brands. Kriega and SW-Motech are popular brands when it comes to tank bags. Motorcycle clothing brands such as Dainese and Held also offer handy motorcycle tank bags. You can choose from different styles, volumes and attachment methods when you want to purchase a tank bag from Kriega, SW-Motech, Dainese, Held or any other brand. The tank bags have various functionalities such as extra side pockets, zippers and carrying options.


    Buy your new tank bag at Biker Outfit


    Are you looking for the easiest way to transport stuff with your motorcycle? Take a look at a motorcycle tank bag. Tank bags are the ideal tool to take all kinds of necessities with you when you go out with your motorcycle. Whether you are going on a day trip or riding your motorcycle for several days, there is a suitable tank bag for everyone. You can easily order tank bags online at Biker Outfit. You will receive your new tank bag in no time. You can also compare the different versions in our store.

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