On the motorbike you are vulnerable. It is therefore important to have motorcycle gear in which your child is well protected. Our skilled people are able to inform and advise you to find the ideal children's motorcycle gear for your loved one!
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Children's motorcycle clothing


Children are often just as enthusiastic about motorcycling as adults.They proudly tell everyone that they sometimes ride as passenger on the back of their father or mother's motorbike.When you take your child for a ride, you naturally want them to wear safe clothing.We have a small collection of motorcycle clothing for children.The motorcycle clothing is often easy to adjust with zippers, so the motorcycle clothing can grow with the child.Ideal, because this way your child does not ride with clothing that is too large, but he/she can ride with the motorcycle clothing for a longer period of time. View our collection of children's motorcycle jackets, children's motorcycle pants and children's motorcycle gloves.Can't quite figure it out?We are happy to help you find the right outfit and look at the options together in our store in Amsterdam.




Legally, there are only two rules if you want to take your child as a passenger on your motorcycle.Just like adults, it is mandatory to wear an approved children's motorcycle helmet.In addition, the child must reach the passenger footrests with his/her feet.The child must understand he is sitting on the back and which movements he should and should not make.So there is no age involved, it is the responsibility and insight of the parent whether the child is old/wise enough to come along as passenger.

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