Casual motorcycle gear has become increasingly popular. Did you look like a Martian in the past, nowadays you can get off your motorbike as if you were wearing your normal casual clothing. Only safe!
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Nowadays you do not need any heavy and uncomfortable motorcycle clothing anymore. With the advent of casual motorcycle jackets, casual motorcycle shirts and casual motor vests, you do not pay off for safety and comfort. The wear-resistant fabrics and protection are comparable to the well-known motorcycle clothing we have known for years.

The fit of a casual motorcycle clothing is somewhat looser than the regular motorcycle clothing. To preserve the casual look you will also encounter fewer adjustment options and other practical items on a casual motorcycle jacket or casual motorcycle pants. You want that it looks as much as possible as your normal clothes. However, it does not suffer from wear resistance, protection and comfort.


Casual motorcycle clothing materials

Casual motorcycle clothing is weighted with an artificial fiber to achieve the same wear resistance as with regular textile motorcycle gear. This can be done with the help of Kevlar, Corudra, Aramide, Twaron, Dyneema etc. Kevlar is well known, but there are now many more materials that do the same or perform even better.

Do you want more information about the different types of materials in motorcycle clothing? Please contact our customer service for expert advice. We can advise you on the basis of your motorcycle use which material will be most suitable for you.


Quality and comfort of casual motorcycle gear

As we mentioned earlier, the tightness of casual motorcycle clothing is not less than the well-known textile motorcycle clothing. Sometimes the wear-resistant materials used in casual motorcycle clothing can be even stronger and therefore better protected during a glide.

Also in terms of comfort, casual motorcycle clothing comes in different variants, like the regular textile motorcycle clothing. So you have 2-layer, 3-layer and laminated casual motorcycle clothing. And there is also casual motorcycle clothing with the Gore-Tex membrane. So for every rider and every type of weather you can now also ride dressed in a casual outfit.

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