Rev'it is a trendsetting Dutch producer of motorcycle clothing and accessories. From a market-leading position in it's home country, a spectacular growth is being achieved internationally.
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REV'IT motorcycle clothing and accessories 


Since 1999, Rev'it introduced the completely 3D-driven "Engineered Skin" design concept. The reinforced stitching was no longer limited solely to the impact zones, but covered the entire jacket, pants or suit, which greatly improved the abrasion resistance. The Gore-Tex license obtained from 2009 for the motorcycle clothing and gloves marked a further upgrade of the collection in terms of style and functionality.

The fast-growing footwear division has now also been licensed by Gore-Tex. Test Lab: fabrics, leathers, materials, protection parts and construction methods can be extensively tested in the Rev'it Test Lab. A good example is the popularity of motorcycle jeans, where many producers are keen on a substantial market share. Unfortunately some of these products fall short in terms of safety. Thanks to extensive testing, no Rev'it jeans will leave the factory until they meet or go beyond the strictest standards. Biker Outfit Amsterdam is the largest dealer of the brand and also represents the extensive sample collections that Rev'it launches every year.


The emergence of REV'IT


This may not be known to everyone, but REV'IT was founded in 1995 by Ivan Vos on Dutch soil. Ivan Vos discovered that there was a gap in the market. There were two types of motorcycle clothing: whether it was cheap motorcycle clothing without love for the product or overpriced motorcycle clothing that is not feasible for everyone. The brand started in Oss and started to design motorcycle clothing that was in between. This was not an easy thing, because with many reputable brands as competitors this was not always easy. Fortunately, many motorcycle stores saw that the REV'IT motorcycle clothing is of excellent quality, which means that it is included in their assortment. This was the beginning of the REV'IT adventure that started in the Netherlands, but quickly reached the rest of the world. The clothing of REV'IT is not only safe and functional, it also looks very good. In 1997 REV'IT started designing leather suits and since then there are already many professional riders who ride in REV'IT motorcycle clothing. Since 2008 even in the famous MotoGP. By letting these professionals ride their clothing, they get a lot of knowledge about materials. That way they can make the clothes safer. Since 2009, REV'IT Gore-tex produces motorcycle clothing.


The collection of motorcycle clothing from REV'IT


Whether you are a sports driver, adventure rider, touring rider or commuter driver at REV'IT you will find motorcycle clothing that suits you. When designing their collection, they take into account different weather conditions. For the summer riders there is therefore a breeze motocandering, but there is also clothing that can be worn all four seasons. Since 2008 they produce Gore-Tex motorcycle clothing, this clothing is perfect for the sporty rider. REV'IT offers motorcycle jackets and motorcycle pants of the best quality. REV'IT leather motorcycle trousers have a long life due to their good quality. The REV'IT motorcycle clothing collection does not only consist of leather products, they also have many textile products. Such as textile motorcycle jackets, textile motorcycle pants and textile motorcycle gloves. With REV'IT accessories you complete your motorcycle outfit.

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