Dainese stands for quality and safety and that is noticeable in everything they make. Whether it is a High-Tech airbag system or a simple motorcycle shoe, when go for Dainese, you go for the best of the best.
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Dainese motorcycle gear and accessories


Dainese started in 1969 with the production of motor sports clothing and is now according to many the most famous clothing brand in the motorcycle world. How would the meaning of the Dainese brand be best described? Perhaps by some namedropping; Giacomo Agostini, Barry Sheene, Toni Mang, Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer, Max Biaggi, Valentino Rossi. Or you can name numerous innovations: the first back protector (1978), the first knee-slider (1980), the first aero-speed hump (1988), the first autonomous airbag system (2000) to name but a few. One thing is certain; Dainese has introduced novelties time and time again and continues to make motorcycling better and safer. This can be seen in the current collection of Dainese protection and Dainese motorcycle clothing


The best protection for riders


When Lino Dainese decided to establish the Dainese clothing brand, he had only one goal in mind: to search for the best protection for motorcyclists. Looking for the best protection is of course an endless quest and that is why Dainese never stopped developing.  


Dainese is a brand which has been working for years on the protection of the riders. They are not only at home in motorcycle clothing, but they even make sure that mountain bikers, winter sports enthusiasts and horse riders can get home in one piece. They also have a project running for NASA. It is a manufacturer that is not only concerned with what is happening now, but also looks far ahead to the future and is always busy developing the protection that a rider needs and wants today.

Dainese motorcycle clothing collection


For those who now think that Dainese only makes clothing for the fast boys is wrong! Dainese has a complete collection of men's motorcycle gear and women's motorcycle gear. The entire Dainese collection consists of leather motorcycle suits, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle trousers, motorcycle boots and shoes, rainwear, thermal underwear and various accessories. Whether you are looking for a simple ventilated summer jacket, a 4-season jacket with removable layers or a High-End Goretex® motorcycle jacket, at Dainese you will always find the piece you are looking for.


Also the urban and custom scene have nothing to complain about at Dainese. From sturdy motorcycle jeans with vintage leather jackets to stylish parkas, nothing is too crazy at Dainese. Not only is a large part of the collection available in different lengths, but they even have a custom works department. This department goes a step further than conventional customization but you can adjust your desired suit to the smallest detail so it becomes exactly the way you want it. A real highlight is the Dainese Laguna Seca 5 (1-piece) motorcycle suit, the favourite suit for track and sport riders.


Commuter riders, touring riders and fair-weather riders can choose from an extensive range of clothing, footwear and helmets. Besides the motorcycle segment, Dainese is also active in clothing for winter sports. One of the most high-profile developments of recent years is the D-Air system and the D-Air Lab where airbag technologies for the motorcycle and winter sports are developed. In 2019 Dainese introducced the airbag vest, the Dainese Smart Jacket and Dainese Smart Jacket Lady, a lightweight, portable and affordable airbag vest. Over the years, Dainese has designed several variants of the Smart Jacket, such as the Smart Jacket Longsleeve, Smart Jacket Hi-Vis and the Smart Jacket Sport.

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