You have a pair of motorcycle jeans and would you like to have hip protectors? Or you find the current shoulder protection in your jacket not comfortable? Or you would like to upgrade your motorcycle jacket with a back protector? You can find it here!
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Motor protection


Motorcycle protection is available in different shapes and sizes, such as knee, hip, shoulder and elbow protectors.In addition to these standard impact protectors, all jackets are prepared for a back protector.There are different levels of impact protection;CE level 1 and CE level 2. Where level 2 has a higher impact value than level 1. The materials can also differ.Nowadays, many flexible materials are used from, for example, Rev'it, Sas-tec or D3O.


When considering motorcycle protection, also consider earplugs.The damage caused by the volume of wind noise is often underestimated.At a speed of 100 km per hour you can suffer permanent hearing damage after fifteen minutes.Therefore, use good hearing protection when you are riding a motorcycle.This prevents an annoying ringing in your ears and permanent hearing damage in the long term.We have various earplugs in our range, also from the well-known brand Alpine.These earplugs have a filter, which filters out wind noise but still allows you to participate in traffic.


Motor protection in motorcycle jackets


Motorcycle jackets are standardly equipped with impact protectors on the elbows and shoulders.A back protector is optional.You can opt for a back protector that fits as an insert in your jacket, a special pocket has been made for this.Or you can opt for a separate back protector, which you can wear under any jacket.These often have adjustable straps, so you can fully customize them to your body.Because you can easily put on and take off this back protector, it is also used for various winter sports activities.Some jackets even offer the option to add a chest protector.In summer, many motorcyclists wear a protection vest or shorts.Please note that with a motorcycle protection vest you often need to add a wear-resistant jersey or overshirt for optimal protection.


Protectors for motorcycle pants


Motorcycle pants are equipped with motorcycle protection on the knees.From the wear-resistant class AA onwards, hip protectors are also added to motorcycle trousers.Motorcycle jeans often contain CE-level 1 protectors, these protectors are a bit more comfortable than CE-level 2. But you can easily upgrade the motorcycle protection to CE-level 2. Tour motorcycle trousers are often equipped with CE-level 2 knee protectors.This is because these trousers are made for traveling or commuting. We also have various knee and elbow sliders for sporty riders with a leather suit. These are easy to change using Velcro.

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