Bluetooth systems are made to connect you to your phone, listen to music, hear your navigation or more. That is communicating with other riders. And that can be done from driver to passenger or in a group. What do you want?
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Nowadays, there are many bluetooth sets for 2 to 6 people who ride each other on the bike. There are also bluetooth sets for motorcyclists with their passengers, these are often cheaper because the transmitter is less strong. If you only want to listen to music and hear Flitsmeister, you need a different set if you want to communicate with other riders. Like communicate with each other. And do you do that in DMC or do you have to 'click through'? And do you want nice extras like a built-in FM radio or MP3 input? The developments are fast. Do you want the most up-to-date information? Then contact our specialists!


The specifications of bluetooth systems

There are now many bluetooth sets available for the motorbike. The big differences are whether you want to communicate with others or just want to connect to your phone and navigation. And if you want to communicate with others, is that from driver to passenger, or from driver to driver? And how big do you want the group to be? And do you want to be able to talk through each other, or do you switch from one driver to another driver?

The latest bluetooth systems are equipped with the latest bluetooth software allowing you to connect and use multiple devices at the same time. You can easily install and build bluetooth sets on almost all helmets.

There are actually two brands that are most important, Cardo and Sena. Below a brief description of the characteristics of these two producers of communication for the motorbike.


Communication for the motorbike: Cardo

Currently the most common models of Cardo are the Freecom 1, 2 and 4 and the Packtalk Bold and Packtalk Slim. The Packtalk is unique for it's DMC technique. DMC ensures that if you are connected to several other headsets, you are connected in a network. This makes it possible to keep connected even if one of the other headsets is out of reach. With other brands this is not possible and the connection is in this case often broken.


Communication for the motorbike: Sena

Sena strives for simplicity in use. The operation is mainly done with one large button on the side. Control the volume, open the connection to the other headset(s) etc. all with the same big button.


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