Bluetooth systems are made to connect you to your phone, listen to music, hear your navigation or more. That is communicating with other riders. And that can be done from driver to passenger or in a group. What do you want?
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Motorcycle communication


Motorcycle communication makes riding your bike more fun. Motorcycle communication allows you to communicate with other motorcyclists, listen to music, receive navigation instructions and receive notifications from Flitsmeister. All this is possible while you are riding your motorcycle. Talking to other motorcyclists can take different forms. You can choose a unit for communication between the rider and passenger, but it is also possible to buy units that allow you to communicate with 3, 4 or even larger groups. Motor communication takes place via a Bluetooth connection or mesh technology. Bluetooth is suitable for short distances and a limited number of users, while mesh is capable of covering greater distances. Mesh is also suitable for larger groups. Motor communication via mesh technology is also called Dynamic Mesh Communication or abbreviated as DMC.


Communicate while riding with Sena and Cardo


To communicate on the motorcycle you need a good communication set. Sena and Cardo are popular brands in the motorcycle communication market. The vast majority of motorcyclists who want to communicate on their motorcycle choose Sena or Cardo. It is even possible to connect a Card unit with a Sena unit. Both brands each have their own characteristics, but one is not inferior to the other. For example, Cardo works with JBL speakers in the headsets. Sena goes for ease of use, so you can operate the headsets almost entirely with one large button. In addition to Sena and Cardo, there are other brands involved in motorcycle communication. For example, Shoei works together with Sena when it comes to motorcycle communications.


Duo sets for motorcycle communication


We recommend to purchase a duo set for motorcycle communication. Duo sets are cheaper to purchase than separate headsets. Find another rider, for example a friend or sibling and purchase a duo set for motorcycle communication together. You'll have a system from the same brand, which makes communication on the motorcycle as smooth and simple as possible. The handy and affordable duo sets for motorcycle communication are offered by both Sena and Cardo. Do you want to purchase a motorcycle communication set on your own? Then choose a single unit.


Find communication systems at Biker Outfit


You'll find everything you need to communicate while riding a motorcycle at Biker Outfit. Motorcycle communication is extremely popular thanks to the useful and fun functionalities that the headsets have to offer. With a communication headset you can listen to your favourite playlist on Spotify and never get lost due to the navigation instructions you receive while riding your motorcycle, all at the same time! We are happy to advise you about motorcycle communication; what is possible and what is involved. Please feel free to contact us by calling or emailing. You can also come by our store for in person advice! You'll know everything there is to know about motorcycle communication in no time.

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