Motorcycle jeans look like ordinary jeans, but they are also incredibly safe. Available in many fashionable models, such as the popular slim fit. And then we have not even mentioned the motor leggings and motor jeggings for ladies!
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Motorcycle jeans and motorcycle leggings

Motorcycle jeans and motorcycle leggings are perfect for motorcyclists who want to ride their bike in a casual outfit.Motorcycle jeans are virtually indistinguishable from regular jeans.Yet there is a big difference between motorcycle jeans and jeans from a regular clothing store.Motorcycle jeans offer the protection you need as a motorcyclist.The jeans for motorcycle riders are made of durable material such as Kevlar or Cordura.In addition, most motorcycle jeans are equipped with impact-absorbing protectors on the knees and hips.

The same applies to motorcycle leggings: motorcycle leggings offer the right protection for motorcyclists because they are made of wear-resistant material and have the necessary hard protectors.Some motorcycle leggings can be worn under regular pants, so you cannot see you are wearing protective motorcycle clothing.Besides the fact that motorcycle jeans and motorcycle leggings do not stand out, they are also extremely comfortable.A pair of motorcycle jeans or motorcycle leggings are a good addition to your motorcycle wardrobe!


Casual motorcycle outfit with durable motorcycle pants

Nowadays riding your motorbike in a protective casual outfit is extremely popular.You can even wear a casual motorcycle outfit, which includes wear-resistant motorcycle pants, when you are not riding your motorcycle for a while.Ideal for a stopover, short break at a restaurant or when you ride your motorcycle to work.The best thing about motorcycle jeans is the comfort.In addition, you can perfectly combine durable motorcycle pants with casual motorcycle shoes and a cool motorcycle jacket.


Motorcycle jeans offer the protection you need

You can choose from single layer and double layer motorcycle jeans.With single layer, the trousers consist of one layer of which the protective material is woven into the rest of the fabric.Double layer trousers consist of two layers: one layer is made of regular denim, while the second layer is made of, for example, Kevlar or Cordura.You can also choose from different classes: A, AA and AAA.The AAA class motorcycle jeans are the safest choice.These protective jeans offer the best protection for motorcyclists.


Motorcycle jeans from REV'IT!, PMJ, Bull-it, Pando Moto and John Doe

You can find jeans for motorcyclists from many different brands.Well-known brands in the field of motorcycle jeans are REV'IT!, PMJ, Bull-it, Pando Moto and John Doe.In addition, there are dozens of other brands that develop motorcycle jeans and motorcycle leggings.At Biker Outfit you we have a very wide range of protective jeans or leggings, so we're confident you'll find one that suits your style and needs. Motorcycle jeans and motorcycle leggings are made for both women and men.Anyone ride a motorcycle with a casual outfit that offers the right protection.


You can buy the best motorcycle jeans at Biker Outfit

Every motorcyclist who likes to ride their bike in a casual outfit needs good motorcycle jeans.At Biker Outfit we have a wide range of motorcycle jeans from various A-brands.Both for women and men.View the models in our webshop or visit our motorcycle clothing store to try on the motorcycle jeans and leggings.Tip: if you are looking for protective motorcycle underwear, we recommend you wear the regular pants you want to wear over the underwear.

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