A leather motorcycle suit is the safest way to protect yourself on the bike. Are you going to ride on the circuit? Then a leather motorcycle suit is mandatory, often 1-piece but sometimes 2-piece is also allowed.
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Usually a motorcycle suit is worn on a sport motorcycle. Whether or not on the circuit. Especially the 1-piece motorcycle suits are recommended on the tracks as they are the safest. Motorcycle suits are made of leather and will be stiff and tight at first. Over time, the motorcycle suit will run out and join your body.


The fit of a leather motorcycle suit

The fit of a motorcycle suit is tight and stiff. This is done for safety. A motorcycle suit is made for the position on the motorcycle. That means that if you stand upright with a motorcycle suit it will not feel comfortably. It will pull in the crotch, the shoulders are not in place and it feels too tight on the chest. But as soon as you sit on your bike, the motorcycle suit will completely fit your body and everything will fall into place perfectly. To know if the fit of a motorcycle suit is good for you, you should always sit on the bike.


Airbag in a motorcycle suit

Nowadays there are several manufacturers who also offer an Airbag System in motorcycle suits, such as Alpinestars and Dainese.

The Tech-Air airbag vest from Alpinestars is the first self-contained airbag system that protects your torso on the shoulders, chest, back and side of your torso. It took Alpinestars 11 years to develop this Tech-Air system for street use, but then you also have the ultimate safety. Stand alone means that the airbag system works with sensors and that the airbag does not have to be connected to the motorbike. This is a huge advantage in terms of safety, but it also offers advantages in practical terms. You can step on any motorbike and still drive with a working airbag.

D-Air is Dainese's revolutionary airbag system. D-Air is also a self-regulating system. The total of six sensors do over 1000 measurements per second. Algorithms determine on the basis of the information obtained whether the driver is in a dangerous situation.

Unlike Alpinestars Tech-Air, each D-Air system is integrated in specially designed motorcycle clothing. So you do not buy it separately, which is the case with Alpinestars.

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