Motorcycle sneakers look like regular sneakers, but are made with extra protection to ensure your safety and comfort while riding!
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Motorcycle sneakers

Motorcycle sneakers became extremely popular in recent years. Many motorcyclists nowadays have a pair of motorcycle sneakers in their collection of motorcycle clothes. Motorcycle sneakers owe this popularity to the combination of comfort, appearance and protection they offer. With motorcycle sneakers you safely ride your motorcycle, experience a high degree of comfort and create a casual look. You don't even have to change shoes when you arrive at your destination. Many models are indistinguishable from regular sneakers. You cannot see the protection parts on the outside of the protective motorcycle sneakers. Motorcycle sneakers are offered by many different brands and are often made of leather, textile or a combination of leather and textile. Motorcycle sneakers also have useful features, such as a waterproof membrane, a side zipper or ventilation holes.


Casual sneakers with protection for motorcyclists

Motorcycle sneakers look a lot like the regular sneakers you find in a regular shoe store. Yet there is a big difference between motorcycle sneakers and regular sneakers. Motorcycle sneakers are provided with necessary protection for motorcyclists. This includes reinforced toe caps, abrasion-resistant material, sturdy soles and protection at the ankles. In addition, the soles can be specially designed to provide extra grip on the footpegs of motorcycles. The protection offered by motorcycle sneakers is not always the same. View the specific features of each product or contact our employees if you would like advice about the motorcycle sneakers.


Alpinestars, TCX, Dainese and Richa motorcycle sneakers

Well-known top brands which offer various motorcycle sneakers are Alpinestars, TCX, Dainese and Richa. All these brands have a wide range of high-quality motorcycle sneakers for motorcyclists who value comfort, protection and a casual look. In addition, at Biker Outfit we have many more motorcycle sneakers from other brands. You can view all our motorcycle sneakers for both men and women online.


Prevent wet feet with waterproof motorcycle sneakers

Riding a motorcycle with wet feet is very annoying. Fortunately, you can prevent this very easily. All you have to do is wear waterproof motorcycle sneakers. Motorcycle sneakers which don't allow water to pass through are equipped with a waterproof membrane. Not all waterproof membranes are the same. Many membranes are waterproof to a certain extent. Do you want to experience 100% waterproofness? Then you need a pair of motorcycle sneakers with a Gore-Tex membrane. A Gore-Tex membrane is completely waterproof and also has a high breathability. Indispensable for heavy rain showers!


Order your new motorcycle sneakers at the Biker Outfit webshop

You can easily order new motorcycle sneakers via the Biker Outfit webshop. Benefit from competitive prices and a wide range. There is a suitable motorcycle sneaker for every motorcyclist. Don't forget to combine your new motorcycle sneakers with motorcycle jeans and a cool motorcycle jacket. There isn't a more comfortable motorcycle outfit than this! Would you like to see the motorcycle sneakers in real? Then be sure to visit our store and compare the different models from Alpinestars, TCX and other brands.

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