If your are driving the motorbike a good motorcycle jacket is essential. A men's motorcycle jacket must firstly provide protection. And preferably, it needs to look nice too. In our collection we offer different styles of motorcycle jackets for men.
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A good men's motorcycle jacket is essential when you ride a motorcycle. It provides protection and safety, must be comfortable, but also suit you. The choice for a men's motorcycle jacket is therefore very personal. It has everything to do with the way you use your motorcycle. We have a wide choice in men's motorcycle jackets and every men can find a nice and safe motorcycle jackets in our collection.

With the information below we want to advise you when buying a motorcycle jacket for men. Do you have any questions or would you like to receive expert advice from one of our specialists? Then you can always contact our customer service.


Which type of men's motorcycle jacket suits you?

Biker Outfit has a very diverse range of motorcycle jackets for men in collection. For example, we have leather motorcycle jackets that are very classic eyes and made of thick leather. We also sell men's Gore-Tex motorcycle jackets. So both the sporty driver and tour rider can find a suitable motorcycle jacket.

If you make the choice for a jacket, you should not only look at the type of material. Buying a men's motorcycle jacket also has everything to do with the use of the engine. Are you a sporty driver, a tour driver or do you use your motorcycle for daily use, for example in your work? The choice of the length and the material of the jacket have to do with this.


The different types of men's motorcycle jackets

If you are a sporty driver, we advise you to take a short jacket. In a sporting attitude, a long jacket is not good. If you are a tour rider or you use your motorcycle for daily use, a longer jacket is recommended. A long jacket covers your back completely. We also recommend a wind and watertight variant for optimal comfort.

Our men's motorcycle jackets come in many models and variants. For the winter we also have wind and waterproof jackets that ensure optimal comfort. With every season of the year you can go to Biker Outfit for another jacket. As each of us has a winter jacket and a summer jacket in the closet, it is nice to have at least two jackets for motorcycle riding. All season motorcycle jackets are an easy purchase, but for the motorcyclist who drives every day that may not be enough. It is therefore not surprising that we sell motorcycle jackets for men for spring, autumn, summer and winter. A warm men's textile motorcycle jacket is fantastic in winter, while a leather-through motorcycle jacket might be preferable at high temperatures.


Materials of the men's motorcycle jacket

The choice for a particular men's motorcycle jacket comes down to the design, the qualities and the material of this particular jacket. With the men's motorcycle jackets for men you can choose from jackets of leather, hardwearing denim and textile.


Kevlar is a hardwearing fabric, often combined with denim fabric. Motorcycle jackets in Kevlar therefore look like jeans jackets, but they do protect a lot better than that.


A textile men's motorcycle jacket is a lot smoother than a leather motorcycle jacket for men. Textile also give you more space to move and you can still wear your own casual clothing under the jacket. This is therefore practical for people who commute every day. Men's textile motorcycle jackets are breathable, waterproof and provide ventilation. A textile motorcycle jacket can easily be machine-washed.


A men's leather motorcycle jacket will soon be around your body and you will have less space to move. This is safer, because the material is so close to your skin, that there is almost no movement in a possible fall. Because of this, it can hardly rupture. Leather is very strong and wear-resistant material. Leather motorcycle jackets for men are mostly worn in motor sport.



The above material provides safety for motorcycle jackets. If you are a sports driver, it is also important to protect the shoulders and elbows properly. Here are jackets with special protectors for. In some cases it is also advisable to wear a back protector and breast protectors under your jacket.

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