Modular helmets do not fall into the standard category of full face, flip-up or jet helmet. You can often adjust these helmets to 1 of these 3 different types. For example, the chin piece can be flipped back or the helmet has a removable chin piece.
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Modular motorcycle helmets


Modular motorcycle helmets are worn by every type of motorcyclist and are available in tour, adventure and urban styles.These helmets are popular with both motorcyclists who have been riding for years and young riders.A modular motorcycle helmet is a helmet of which you can flip back the chin piece.Not to be confused with a flip up helmet, where you can raise the chin piece.When the chin piece is folded back, you are actually riding with a jet helmet, ideal when you are riding with friends or when you are standing at the checkout at the gas station.Wearing glasses is also easier with a modular helmet.You put the helmet on when it's 'open', so it does not have to go over your face.When the chin piece is closed, you have a helmet that is comparable with a full-face helmet.With a modular helmet you may experience more wind noise, because there are more 'loose' parts and the helmet is somewhat larger.Modular helmets are also available with an internal sun visor, useful if you ride a lot on sunny days.There are also modular helmets without an internal sun visor.


Modular helmets from Scorpion and Nolan, among others


At Biker Outfit we have modular helmets from various brands, including Scorpion, Roof, Nolan,HJC and LS2.Scorpion has a beautiful and extensive collection of modular motorcycle helmets, including the EXO-Tech series, which is very popular.You will also see the Roof Boxer a lot, with the 'red ears'.After the success of modular helmets from other brands, Nolan has also introduced their first modular helmet, the N120-1.

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