Roof helmets are a true concept in the motorcycle world since 1993. At Biker Outfit we have a wide range of Roof motorcycle helmets, we're happy to help you find one that suits you perfectly.
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Roof motorcycle helmets


The exclusive Roof helmets are designed and produced by industrial designer Claude Morin in the South of France. The range offered by Roof ranges from dynamic full-face helmets, jet helmets and Boxer system helmets. 


About Roof helmets


A Roof helmet is characterized by specific properties. All helmets are made of a high quality glass fiber. The helmet visors are made of pure and scratch-resistant polycarbonate. You choose a Roof helmet if you consider the look and feel of a helmet to be important. Roof offers a unique mix of lifestyle, design and safety. The helmet visors from Roof have an ECE 22-05 quality mark.


The collection of motorcycle helmets from Roof


The Roof collection has many unique models. Some of these models are the Roof Boxer, Roof Desmo, Roof Cooper, Roof Rider, Roof kicker, Roof Fever, Roof Roadster, Roof Sphair and Roof Bamboo. The latter model is an environmentally friendly semi-jet helmet with a pilots visor. With this helmet you make a statement for sustainability. The Roof Rat helmets have an urban look and the same applies to the Roof Fever line. This line is urban or custom, but a bit more civilized. A helmet that is very familiar to many people and is very popular, is the Boxer V8 Full black motorcycle helmet. This glass fiber system helmet is equipped with a pilotvisor and a completely collapsible chin. This helmet has a cool look. Find your motorcycle helmet that suits you in our webshop.


Roof helmet maintenance


A roof helmet is dirty because of a lot of use, both inside and outside. The inner lining absorbs sweat and hair products, while the outside gets dirty due to street dirt, wind and weather. It is therefore important to wash and polish the helmet regularly. This can be done through degreasers and cleaners, but keep the helmet maintenance regularly. Do this, for example, with washing-up liquid and a sponge.


Do you have a question about a roof helmet or do you want helmet advice? Or do you want a helmet size advice before you order the helmet? Please contact our customer service or visit our store in Amsterdam. Here you will find our full range of Roof. With visor assembly you can also visit our store. You can order a Roof helmet easily and quickly with us. Also for helmet parts, such as helmet visors or helmet stickers you have come to the right place. Curious about the helmet offers from Roof? Take a look for a Roof helmet on our sale page.

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