The best thing about theft is when you attach your motorcycle to something. Unlike a disc brake lock, the engine can not be lifted and driven away. The disadvantage of a chain lock is that they are quite heavy and therefore difficult to carry.
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With a chain lock you can attach your motorbike to, for example, a tree, lamppost or ground anchor. Unlike a disc brake lock, the motorbike can not be lifted or rolled away. The disadvantage of a chain lock is that they are quite heavy and therefore difficult to take with you on the motorbike.

Chain locks come in different sizes and two types. There are chain locks from 80 cm up to 2 meters. In addition, they can be grindable or not. You can also choose a combination of a brake disc lock with a chain. This combination forms the so-called "2-in-1 solution". This means that the brake disc lock can also be used without a chain and is, for example, an ideal and compact lock to park the motorbike for a short break during a tour.


ART-foundation for motorcycle locks

When choosing a motorcycle lock it, pay attention to the indication of the ART foundation. The ART-foundiation divides locks into the categories 1 to 5. In general, insurance companies require a category ART-4 test seal for a motorcycle in their conditions. Which ART test seal your insurance company requires can be found in their conditions.


Quality motorcycle locks

The quality of a chain lock is determined by the hardness of the steel. A more expensive slot will not show any air bubbles if it is placed under the microscope. The steel will therefore be harder so that it is more difficult to cut through.


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