Use your phone while on the road for navigation, music and more. With these complete sets of case or holder including motor mount you can easily, safely and securely mount your phone onto your motorcycle.
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Turn your phone into a motorcycle navigation device with a motor bundle. A good mobile mount does not have to be expensive at all.Choose an entire set or put a set together yourself. A moto bundle is in different shape and size.With these complete sets of cases or holders including motor mounts you can easily mount your phone onto your motorcycle.

Do you choose a holder or a phone case?The phone covers are available with waterproof options, universal or specifically made for your model smartphone.The holders or clamps are often universal in which your smartphone can be clamped firm and easily.These sets can often be expanded with different mounts for more mounting options or extra accessories such as waterproof covers.There are currently two major brands, which are also quickly up-to-date with covers for the latest phones, namely Ram-mount® and SP Connect™.


Device mounts for the motorbike: Ram-mount

RAM® X-Grip® phone holders feature a four leg design that offers impressive holding power without hiding your cell phone behind foam pads and plastic. Simple to open and close, the spring-loaded XRAM® X-Grip® leaves the outside edge of your phone almost completely free of annoying obstructions. Soft rubber fingers apply just enough force to keep your device in place.

Furthermore, the RAM-mount principle is based on the RAM-ball. Choose a device adapter or cradle for the phone, select an arm based on your desired length and placement, and select from a variety of bases to help secure your device where you need it on your motorcycle.


Smartphone holders for the motorbike: SP Connect

SP Connect™ is the quickest and most secure way to mount your smartphone. It offers the best range of products for your phone, providing easy mounting applications for riding your bike.
The SP Connect™ moto bundle lets you mount your smartphone to your motorbike in seconds. Fasten the moto mount pro to the handlebars of your motorcycle and you are ready to mount the SP Connect™ phone case by placing it on the mount and turning it 90° clockwise. To further protect your smartphone the mount also has a unique vibration dampening system that cuts G-forces by up to 40% (depending on bike & phone model).
Your mobile phone is securely positioned right in the centre of your vision, allowing you to navigate, access your playlists, read messages. Use the weather cover to protect your phone from rain and dirt as well as to provide additional shock resistance if necessary.


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Do you have questions about smartphone holders for the motorbike? Then contact our customer service specialists. We are happy to help you with expert advice! In addition to mobile mounts for the motorbike, you can also benefit from other accessories such as waterproof bags, winter gloves, summer gloves and heated gloves. We also offer a wide range of motorcycle clothing. Of course, you are cordially invited to our real store in Amsterdam. Here you will find our complete range with navigation & communication and you can take a closer look at everything. Smartphone holders for the motorcycle can be ordered easily and quickly with us.

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