Do you no longer want to suffer from cold or wet hands? Then choose Gore-Tex winter motorcycle gloves. 100% wind and waterproof for when you want to get on the bike through wind and bad weather!
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GoreTex motorcycle gloves

Choose motorcycle gloves with a GoreTex membrane, if you want to guarantee dry hands in any type of weather.GoreTex is a big name in both the motorcycle and outdoor industries, having developed a unique membrane which is wind and waterproof, but also breathable.GoreTex supplies the materials, and brands use them to make their own products.Almost all our brands have a collaboration with GoreTex, which means we have a wide range of different types of motorcycle gloves.Think of Alpinestars, Rev'it, Dainese, Five Gloves and Racer. You can recognize GoreTex motorcycle gloves by their name, it always says GTX behind it.


GoreTex winter motorcycle gloves

Rainy periods are often also cold periods.Most GoreTex motorcycle gloves have been developed with a thick thermal lining for winter use.In addition to the thick thermal lining, there are a few more options you can choose from when choosing a new GoreTex motorcycle glove.For example, consider motorcycle gloves with hardened knuckles, or without knuckles.There are also gloves with a touch tip, making it easier to start your route or answer the phone without taking off your gloves.Or gloves with a visor wiper, useful when you ride through rain and drops won't run off your visor.


GoreTex midseason motorcycle gloves

The midseason GoreTex motorcycle gloves have a thin thermal lining or even no thermal lining. It's nice when the weather is good, but you still get caught in a rain shower, or are touring through a rainy country.The midseason gloves also have different functions to choose from, such as with or without knuckles, a touch tip and windshield wiper.

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