Summer gloves are generally never waterproof, otherwise you would get very hot and sweaty hands. Usually with a short cuff and light construction and equipped with ventilation for the necessary cooling on hot days.
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Summer motorcycle gloves

In general, summer motorcycle gloves are not waterproof, otherwise your hands would get very hot and sweaty. Summer gloves are often equipped with a short cuff and light materials, which makes them flexible and gives you optimal feeling with your motorcycle. Vented and/or perforated parts provide necessary cooling on hot days.

Summer motorcycle gloves are often composed of a single layer of leather or textile, without thermal lining and with protection on the knuckles and palm. The inside of a summer glove - also with textile summer gloves - is often equipped with leather inserts to maintain perfect grip on your handlebars while riding. A summer motorcycle glove can entirely be made of (synthetic) leather, textile or a combination of leather and textile. Softshell motorcycle gloves are a variant of textile motorcycle gloves. The structure of the fabric makes them suitable for the summer, but they will be less breathable than regular textile motorcycle gloves.


Motorcycle gloves for summer

Most motorcyclists prefer to ride their motorbike in summer. When temperatures exceed 20 degrees, wearing summer motorcycle gloves is essential. Motorcycle gloves for summer are often perforated or contain air-permeable mesh panels. This way the wind ensures your hands stay cool when you are riding your motorcycle. Summer motorcycle gloves rarely have a waterproof membrane. Due to the lack of such a membrane, they allow more air to pass through.

Besides the fact that summer motorcycle gloves keep your hands cool, they also offer the necessary protection. For example, motorcycle gloves for summer are equipped with extra reinforced and abrasion-resistant parts to protect your hands optimally. Most summer motorcycle gloves have a hard knuckle protector. There are a lot of differences between summer motorcycle gloves, but they always have two things in common: they keep your hands cool and offer the right protection.


Summer motorcycle gloves for women and men

Women and men don't have the same hands. Summer motorcycle gloves for women have a different fit compared to summer motorcycle gloves for men. It is always important your motorcycle gloves fit neatly. You need to have enough space in your gloves to move around to be able to operate your motorcycle properly. Summer motorcycle gloves which are too small will pinch, while gloves that are too large will cause you to have less feeling with the motorcycle. Pay some extra attention to leather motorcycle gloves, make sure they're not too loose. After a while, summer motorcycle gloves made of leather will start to adapt to the shape of your hand.


Summer motorcycle gloves from different brands

Motorcycle gloves for the summer are available from many different brands. This includes popular brands such as Alpinestars, REV'IT!, Dainese and Held. You will also find summer motorcycle gloves from Segura, Knox and Icon our wide range. All these brands have motorcycle gloves in multiple designs. You will always find a summer motorcycle glove that suits you perfectly.


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