You can of course also travel with a map, but the advantages of a navigation system are enormous. Map out your route down to the last detail over winding roads and along beautiful sights.
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Navigation for motorcycles


You'll never get lost again with navigation on your motorcycle. You'll see many riders using navigation systems while traveling, as the benefits of motorcycle navigation are enormous. You can use the navigation on the motorcycle to ride from A to B without any problems. But there's a lot more possible. The best part of motorcycle navigation is planning a route with many bends and corners, nice roads and beautiful sights. Motorcycle navigation is extremely suitable for this. Plan a route on the navigation system itself or on the computer. It's also possible to download routes onto your system from other motorcyclists systems. They use GPX files to do this. After downloading a file, your navigation will guide you on your way while riding your motorcycle. There are many different devices you available if you want to navigate on your motorbike. From compact and simple systems to very advanced systems.


Garmin, TomTom and BeeLine motorcycle navigation


The two best-known motorcycle navigation brands are Garmin and TomTom. Both Garmin and TomTom have proven themselves in the field of motorcycle navigation. The devices from both brands are very similar, but there are still a number of differences between them. You can read more about the specific Garmin and TomTom models in the product information. Our employees are also ready to answer your questions and provide you with advice. In addition to Garmin and TomTom, there is another brand that is involved in motorcycle navigation. This brand is called BeeLine. BeeLine developed a minimalist and compact device for motorcycle navigation. BeeLine motorcycle navigation works different from the TomTom or Garmin devices. We'd love to show you the differences!


The best motorcycle navigation system


Your wishes and requirements determine what type of motorcycle navigation suits you best. So there's not one motorcycle navigation that suits everyone perfectly. Do you want as many functionalities as possible, a clear color screen and options for planning the best routes? Then a Garmin or TomTom device suits you best. Do you value a compact size, light weight and a minimalist screen? Then BeeLine is the brand you should choose for. BeeLine is also budget-friendly compared to Garmin and TomTom.


Buy everything you need for your motorcycle navigation at Biker Outfit


You will find navigation systems, holders and other accessories for motorcycle navigation at Biker Outfit. Our team of specialists is ready to answer all your questions. You can email, call or visit our store. We are happy to show you the possibilities of motorcycle navigation. Do you already know which navigation you want? Simply place your order online and we will ensure you can get started with navigating your motorcycle trips. Getting lost is a thing of the past!

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