A good helmet is essential when you ride a motorbike, MP3 or scooter. It provides protection, must be comfortable, but also needs to match you and your motorbike. Jet helmets offer a lot of freedom but keep in mind that the chin is not protected.
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Jet helmet for motorcyclists

Jet helmets are still very popular among many motorcyclists.They fit very well with choppers, retro motorcycles and custom motorcycles such as cafe racers.(Motor) scooter riders also often prefer a jet helmet.Light jet helmets can be very nice, especially for short rides and for motorcycle rides where you ride at a lower speed.Because jet helmets do not have a chin piece, they offer a lot of freedom.You get a lot of wind on your face, which makes jet helmets very comfortable when you get on your motorcycle in the summer with higher temperatures.Please note that your chin is not protected when wearing a jet motorcycle helmet.They are therefore less suitable for sporty motorcyclists who want to ride with optimal protection.


Create a cool retro look with a jet helmet

A jet helmet provides a unique appearance.Many jet helmets have a retro look and therefore fit perfectly with retro motorcycles.You can choose from many different retro jet helmets.In addition to solid-colored models, jet motorcycle helmets with a unique print are also available.This will really make you stand out!You can perfectly combine jet helmets with cool sunglasses.This is not a requirement for many models, as they are equipped with a sun visor.In addition to retro jet helmets, there are of course also more modern variants of this type of motorcycle helmet available.The jet helmets with a modern look often look very similar to full-face helmets, but without the chin piece and with a larger visor.


Jet helmets with sun visor

An integrated sun visor is extremely useful when you ride with an open jet helmet.Jet helmets are often worn by motorcyclists who get on their motorcycle in good weather.When the sun shines, a jet helmet with a sun visor is indispensable.This prevents you from being blinded.If the jet helmet does not have a sun visor, it is of course also possible to combine the helmet with sunglasses.You can easily open the visor of a jet helmet while riding.There is often a slider on the side of the jet helmet that allows you to open and close the sun visor.Certain jet helmets only have a sun visor, while other models have both a transparent visor and a sun visor.


HJC, LS2, Scorpion and Dutch Roeg jet helmets

Jet helmets are offered by many different brands.For example, the Dutch brand Roeg developed very cool retro jet helmets. In addition, brands such as HJC, LS2 and Scorpion also offer several models, each with their own characteristics.You can read all the properties of the helmet on the product page of a specific jet helmet.For example, jet helmets are made of polycarbonate, fiberglass or carbon.In addition, there are models with a ratchet closure or double D closure.


Buy the best jet helmet at Biker Outfit

Are you looking for a motorcycle helmet that offers a lot of freedom and is nice and cool during high temperatures?Then a jet helmet is the best choice.View different brands and models at Biker Outfit.The fit of a jet helmet is very important, so make sure you know which size you need.You can of course visit our store for this.Then we will help you find a jet helmet that fits perfectly.

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