If you ride a motorcycle, a good motorcycle jacket is very important. This must above all offer protection, but you also want a motorcycle jacket to look good. In our collection we therefore have different types of motorcycle jackets.
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Motorcycle jacket

For many motorcyclists, a motorcycle jacket is the first thing they think of when they think of motorcycle clothing. It is an essential part of good motorcycle equipment. Motorcycle jackets protect your upper body using wear-resistant material and protectors on the critical parts. Most motorcycle jackets are standard equipped with protectors for your knees and elbows. A back protector is often optional but is also included in some cases. When impact protection for the back is optional, the motorcycle jacket will be prepared for the placement of a protector. Many motorcycle jackets have a removable lining. When it is a bit colder outside, place the lining in the jacket. At high temperatures, you can unzip the lining in no time. In addition to offering protection, a motorcycle jacket must of course also be stylish. Many motorcyclists value this and want their motorcycle jacket to match the look of their motorcycle.


Vented motorcycle air jackets for the summer

If you regularly get on the motorcycle with high temperatures, such as in the summer, then a vented motorcycle jacket is a real must-have. Air motorcycle jacket keeps your body cool while riding. This allows you to fully focus on the road, traffic and motorcycling. Sporty, leather motorcycle jackets can also provide cooling. Many leather jackets are largely perforated.


Waterproof motorcycle jackets for autumn and winter

In winter and autumn you want your motorcycle jacket to meet a number of requirements. A waterproof membrane is not an unnecessary luxury. If you are looking for a 100% waterproof motorcycle jacket, it is best to choose a jacket with a Gore-Tex membrane. Brands like Alpinestars, REV'IT! and Dainese all work with Gore-Tex. In addition to the fact that Gore-Tex provides a completely waterproof motorcycle jacket, the membrane also has great breathability. Furthermore, with low temperatures it is of course important to wear a warm motorcycle jacket. A motorcycle jacket with a separate thermal lining is ideal for motorcyclists who get on their motorcycles in the winter.


Leather and textile motorcycle jackets

The vast majority of motorcycle jackets are made of leather or textile. Both materials have their own advantages. Leather is more durable than textile, offers the most protection and is therefore very suitable for use on the track. It is of course not for nothing that motorcycle racers always wear a full leather motorcycle suit. A sporty, leather motorcycle jacket has a tight fit and molds to the body over time. Casual, leather motorcycle jackets are often a bit looser.

In addition to leather, you can also opt for a textile motorcycle jacket. Textiles are smoother and offer more comfort. A textile jacket also often has more functionalities. You can think of a removable inner lining, extra pockets and a waterproof (Gore-Tex) membrane. Textile motorcycle jackets, for example, are very suitable for long touring trips and commuting.


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