If you could not do without TomTom or Garmin in the past, nowadays Google Maps offers has taken over. What does navigation needs to do for you on the motorbike ? Techniques are developing quickly so ask our specialists!
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Navigation systems are ideal for when you want to ride for pleasure. Nice touristic routes and sight seeing along the way. What should you choose when you are looking for a navigation system for the motorbike? Actually, there are two brands. Both Garmin and TomTom have very good navigation systems for the motorbike. We cannot designate 1 device as the best navigation system for the motor rider. Because every motor rider simply has different wishes. Functions that are very important for one can not play a role of importance for the other. Below and a brief explanation of the differences between the Garmin Zumos and the TomTom Riders.


Navigation for the motorbike: the Garmin Zumo

Garmin is known for planning your routes ahead. The current generation of Zumos makes that less necessary anymore, in the past this was often the case. Garmin assumes that a group of motor riders love preparing their routes. Garmin also adds extra functions to their system such as a music player and safety warnings.


Navigation for the motorbike: the TomTom Rider

At TomTom you see that the ease of use should be leading. TomTom wants you to be able to drive a nice route with a few touches on the screen. TomTom mainly looks at ease of use and safety.


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