If you could not do without TomTom or Garmin in the past, nowadays Google Maps offers has taken over. What does navigation needs to do for you on the motorbike ? Techniques are developing quickly so ask our specialists!
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Motorcycle navigation systems

Nowadays a lot of motorcyclists ride with a navigation system on their motorcycle. With a motorcycle navigation system you'll arrive at your destination without any problems. However, for many motorcyclists, an A to B route is not the most important goal of riding with a navigation system. So much more is possible! A motorcycle navigation system allows you to create the best motorcycle routes. For example, your navigation system can create an exciting route, so you'll explore as many winding roads as possible. With a motorcycle navigation system can easily ensure you'll pass a number of beautiful sights during your motorcycle ride. All motorcycle navigation systems are specially developed for motorcyclists. The different navigation systems each have their own features and functionalities.


Garmin Zumo navigation system for motorcycles

Garmin motorcycle navigation systems are very popular among motorcyclists. When you ride your motorcycle with a Garmin Zumo navigation system, you have everything you need. The Garmin Zumo motorcycle navigation systems include a route planner and a music player. You can determine your entire route before riding so you'll explore as many winding roads and sights as possible. The Garmin Zumo motorcycle navigation systems are also able to give you safety warnings.


Motorcycle navigation system from TomTom

TomTom's motorcycle navigation systems, like those of Garmin, are widely used by motorcyclists. TomTom's system is called the TomTom Rider. The name says it all: the navigation system is completely focused on motorcyclists. TomTom's motorcycle navigation systems are known for their ease of use. With just a few clicks you create a fun route with many bends. In terms of safety, the TomTom Rider is also an advanced motorcycle navigation system.


Minimalist motorcycle navigation system from BeeLine

BeeLine does things completely differently from Garmin and TomTom. BeeLine motorcycle navigation systems are extremely compact, light and minimalist. They do not have a large color screen and mainly ensure that you always take the correct turn. Thanks to the unique design, the BeeLine Moto navigation systems have an extremely long battery life, they are sturdy and are less likely to attract your attention while motorcycling.


Buy the best motorcycle navigation systems at Biker Outfit

Choosing a motorcycle navigation system can be quite a difficult choice. One model is not better than the other. For you, the Garmin Zumo may be the best motorcycle navigation system, while another motorcyclist will benefit much more from the BeeLine Moto. At Biker Outfit we are happy to help you by explaining everything about the different motorcycle navigation systems. This way we are sure you will soon be riding with a navigation system that perfectly suits your riding style. The product information for each motorcycle navigation system could also help you on your way. Do you already know which system you need? Easily order your Garmin, TomTom or BeeLine navigation system via our webshop!

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