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Kriega Adapter OS Base

Innovative modular pannier system for your off and all road. The OS-Base offers a mounting method for the OS-series OS6, 12 or 18 bags for off and all-road motorcycles without having to use a mounting frame or luggage rack. Due to the modular design, various mounting options for the bags can be chosen. The OS-Base offers space for the OS-6, 12, 18, Overlander 15, US-Drypacks and possibly a roll bag or tent as a top bag. This top bag can then be attached to the OS-Base and optional draw straps using the mounting loops. After the OS-Base is initially installed, it can easily be dismantled and reassembled with repeated use. The OS-Base is supplied including 2 OS-Rack loops that are 2 x 6 mm. holes can be attached through the fender.

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