Whatever motorbike you have, you want to keep it! By having a good motorcycle lock, you can reduce the chance of your motorcycle getting stolen. Motor locks are available in different types, qualities and price ranges, and are also available with alarm.
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Motorcycle lock


Every motorcyclist needs a motorcycle lock, but which motorcycle lock suits you best?There are different types and sizes of chain locks and disc brake locks.For insurance purposes, it is wise to purchase at least an ART 4 approved lock.We also have a collection of handy accessories to give you an reasuring feeling when leaving your motorcycle and your belongings behind.For example, there are track & trace systems that allow you to track your motorcycle at all times.Or luggage and helmet locks, so you can enjoy an undisturbed and relaxed break on a terrace during your trip.If you want to ensure your motorcycle is in good condition at home, you can look for a ground or wall anchor.We also have reminder cables and other accessories, for example to neatly store your motorcycle lock.


Chain lock


Many insurers have stipulated that you must use at least an ART 4 approved lock.If necessary, check with your insurance company so you can easily prevent unpleasant situations.We have chain locks from brands such as Abus, Hiplok, Luma and Oxford in our range.The advantage of a chain lock is that you can attach the chain to something.This makes it impossible to lift the motorbike.When choosing a chain lock, you can choose from different lengths, including a disc brake lock or with an alarm.


Disc brake lock


In addition to a chain lock, many motorcyclists also have a disc brake lock. Due to its compact shape, this lock is easy to take with you on day trips or when you tour with your motorcycle.With the Granit Detecto from Abus you can even match the color of your disc brake lock to the color of the motorcycle, as it comes in many different colors.Just like chain locks, there are also disc brake locks with an alarm.

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