Scorpion is one of the best and best-known brands when it comes to motorcycle helmets. The brand makes both budget-friendly helmets and motorcycle helmets that meet the highest standards.
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Scorpion helmet

Both novice and seasoned motorcyclists can have a look at Scorpion for a new motorcycle helmet.Scorpion's offering is enormous.They have, among other things, full-face helmets, system helmets, jet helmets and adventure helmets.Scorpion is also the right place for a completely new lining or replacement visor.Scorpion motorcycle helmets have unique prints or solid colors, have a sturdy ratchet closure or double-D closure and are supplied with or are prepared for the installation of a Pinlock visor.At Scorpion, safety, comfort and convenience are combined in an excellent way.


Carbon motorcycle helmets from Scorpion

Carbon is a perfect base for a motorcycle helmet.Scorpion has designed many motorcycle helmets made of carbon.The material is extremely light and at the same time very strong.With a carbon motorcycle helmet from Scorpion you can take long motorcycle rides without any problems, while benefiting from maximum protection.In addition to carbon motorcycle helmets, Scorpion also offers helmets made of fiberglass and polycarbonate.Fiberglass, like carbon, is extremely robust and light, but carbon is generally slightly stronger. Polycarbonate is heavier and less sturdy, but still very safe and also a lot cheaper.Scorpion polycarbonate helmets are often worn by scooter riders for these reasons.


Scorpion system helmets and full-face helmets

Scorpion full-face helmets and flip up helmets are extremely popular and for good reason.Full-face helmets are the safest option and are therefore often worn by sporty motorcyclists.On the track you will only see full-face helmets, including many Scorpion helmets. A flip up helmet from Scorpion offers more convenience and comfort because you can open the chin piece.This is very nice when you want to feel the wind on your face or want to talk to someone when you are standing still.You have a huge choice between different versions of both flip up helmets and full-face helmets from Scorpion.


Scorpion visors and liners

In addition to helmets, Scorpion also offers other supplies and accessories.You can easily replace the visor of the Scorpion motorcycle helmets with another one.This allows you to make the helmet completely your own.Replace the transparent or dark tinted visor for a colorful, reflective visor and you create a completely different look.It is also possible to replace the inner lining of your Scorpion helmet.Scorpion offers complete sets and individual parts so you can easily provide your helmet with a fresh inner lining.


Buy your new Scorpion helmet at Biker Outfit

If you are looking for a new motorcycle helmet, a Scorpion one is a very good choice.Scorpion has something for everyone.Thanks to the enormous range, you will always find a Scorpion helmet that suits you well.Since the fit of a motorcycle helmet is extremely important, we are happy to advise you in our store.Of course it is also possible to purchase the Scorpion motorcycle helmets via our webshop.

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