Motorcycle covers come in many sizes and qualities. One is suitable for heavier weather conditions and daily use and the other for lighter use. If you want to know what to expect, please contact us!
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Motorcycle covers

A good motorcycle cover is an essential accessory for every motorcycle owner.With a motorcycle cover you protect your valuable motorcycle against external influences.Rain, frost, dust and UV don't stand a chance when you place a high-quality motorcycle cover over your motorcycle.Motorcycle covers are available in different shapes and sizes.This way you have motorcycle covers for both indoors and outdoors.In addition, the size also plays a major role.For the best protection, it is important that the size of the motorcycle cover matches the dimensions of your motorcycle.Many models are equipped with an elastic hem or a tension strap to neatly close the bottom of the cover.

A motorcycle cover can have a number of useful features.For example, almost all motorcycle covers have cutouts for the mirrors, a soft inner lining and in certain cases they also have a window for the license plate.Furthermore, many motorcycle covers have a heat-resistant lining around the exhaust positions.This allows you to place the motorcycle cover immediately after a long motorcycle ride.


Waterproof motorcycle cover for outdoor use

If you store your motorcycle outside, a protective and waterproof motorcycle cover is indispensable.Outside, your motorcycle will have to deal with many weather influences: rain, frost and UV have no positive impact on the condition of your motorcycle.For example, UV can cause plastic parts of your motorcycle to discolour.Frost and rain can cause rust on various parts of your engine. By placing a waterproof or water-repellent motorcycle cover over your motorcycle, you limit the influence of the weather. In addition, your motorcycle is less noticeable, so a cover can help prevent theft.The last point especially applies when you park your two-wheeler in public.


Protect your motorcycle against dust and scratches with an indoor motorcycle cover

An indoor motorcycle cover is used less often than an outdoor motorcycle cover.However, using an indoor motorcycle cover is very valuable.In a garage or storage room you often have to deal with dust.Dust can cause thousands of small scratches on the paint of your motorcycle.A motorcycle cover provides optimal protection against flying dust particles.In addition, an indoor motorcycle cover prevents you from accidentally scratching your motorcycle when you walk past your bike with hard objects.


Motorcycle covers from Oxford, DS Covers and Bihr

Well-known brands in the field of motorcycle covers are Oxford, DS Covers and Bihr.Oxford in particular is a renowned brand in the field of motorcycle covers.Oxford makes high-quality motorcycle covers for both indoors and outdoors.The motorcycle covers from Oxford, DS Covers, Bihr and other brands are available in different designs and sizes.You can read all the features in the product information for each model.


Optimal protection with a motorcycle cover from Biker Outfit

If you are looking for the best motorcycle cover, look no further.At Biker Outfit you can choose from many different models.Both for indoors and outdoors.We are happy to provide you with explanations and advice about the motorcycle covers.Do you already know which motorcycle cover you would like to optimally protect your motorcycle?Then you can also easily order the cover via our webshop.

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