Motorcycle boots, motorcycle shoes, the offer is overwhelming. What is suitable for me? A touring boot or a casual sneaker? We have motorcycle footwear in many styles. From sports, tour, off-road, casual to more classic footwear.
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Motorcycle footwear

A pair of motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes is an essential part of your outfit when you ride a motorcycle. If you fall, your feet and hands will hit in reflex the ground first. That's why special motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes have been designed. The primary function of motorcycle footwear is to protect your toes, ankles, and heel. If you buy high motorcycle boots, they also protect (a part of) your shins.


The material of motorcycle footwear

If you want to buy motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes, you will have to choose between two types of material, textile, and leather. To make it not too complicated, we share Lorica -an artificial leather of the highest quality- also in the category leather. Lorica is flexible, soft, durable, water-repellent, and has high breathability. Leather is often better known. It is also durable, breathable, flexible, and therefore adapts to the shape of your feet.

The range of leather motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes is more extensive than textile motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes. This has to do with the safety and wear-resistant qualities of leather.


Style of motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes

If you buy motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes, you will also have to choose a style. The different styles we offer are sports, tour, adventure or off-road to casual and the more classic motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes.

The casual style is often a motorcycle shoe rather than a motorcycle boot. This has to do with the fact that motorcycle shoes are low and you can walk better in them. It is, therefore, more comfortable with these motorcycle shoes, for example, to walk through the city. Adventure boots are almost always high motorcycle boots, tour motorcycle boots, and sports motorcycle boots that can be high or low.


The difference in the height of motorcycle footwear

As mentioned before, motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes are available in different heights. You have the motorcycle shoe, the low motorcycle boot, and the high motorcycle boot. To determine which height best fits your needs, we describe below the advantages and disadvantages per motorcycle boot or motorcycle shoe.


The motorcycle shoe

Motorcycle shoes look like a normal shoe or sneaker but are inspected as a motorcycle boot. A motorcycle shoe is always low and falls on or under the ankle. In this shoe, you can move more comfortable, so you can keep the shoes on as soon as you get off your motorcycle. Motorcycle shoes are lighter than a motorcycle boot and thus run better than a regular motorcycle boot.

The low motorcycle boot

A low motorcycle boot does fall over your ankle, but only protects a small part of your shins. This boot is, therefore, stronger than the motorcycle shoe, but it also walks a lot stiffer. The hard protectors will press a little against your shins when you get off your motorcycle.

The high motorcycle boot

The high motorcycle boot protects your foot, ankle, and a part of your shins maximally. As with the low motorcycle boot, you will notice that this is not very easy walking as soon as you step off the bike. On the contrary, they offer optimal protection. Also, they can be hot in the summer months, which of course is an advantage in the winter.


Other vital features in motorcycle footwear

Protection is the most important thing about the motorcycle boot and motorcycle shoe. The higher the shoes, the better they protect. Another protection factor is a reflection. You are visible in the dark through reflective parts in the heel, among others. Because of this, others see you approaching. Ventilation is also essential. This makes the motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes a lot more comfortable during warm days. The ventilation parts are perforated and often located around the ankle. Some shoes have a slide that you can be opened or closed.

Another important comfort element is fit. With many shoes, it is possible to adjust the fit. This can be done using, for example, Velcro. Some motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes also have stretch parts. This increases the comfort and freedom of movement. It also ensures that you can pull the motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes on and off more easily, but also that they adapt to your riding position on the bike.

Another important aspect is the waterproofing of motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes. If you are looking for motorcycle boots, it is also advisable to take a look at Gore-Tex motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes. These are 100% guaranteed waterproof motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes, ideal if you are commuting to work.

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