Motorcycle boots, motorcycle shoes, the offer is overwhelming. What is suitable for me? A touring boot or a casual sneaker? We have motorcycle footwear in many styles. From sports, tour, off-road, casual to more classic footwear.

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Motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes

Motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes are an extremely important part of every motorcycle outfit. The main function of motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes is to protect your toes, ankles and heel. If you unexpectedly fall while riding a motorcycle, your feet and hands are often the first part of your body to hit the ground. This has to do with your reflex. That is why it is important to wear protective motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes. Motorcycle boots generally offer more protection than motorcycle shoes. This has to do with the fact that motorcycle boots rise well above your ankles and can protect part of your shins. Motorcycle boots are also available in different heights. Nevertheless, motorcycle shoes provide a lot of protection. By using wear-resistant materials and hard production parts, your entire feet and ankles will be protected.


Motorcycle boots from Sidi, Daytona and Alpinestars

Motorcycle boots are the best option for motorcyclists who want to protect their feet, ankles and a large part of their shin. You usually have a choice of low and high motorcycle boots. Of course there are many differences between different models. Every well-known brand, such as Sidi, Daytona and Alpinestars, also offer several types of motorcycle boots. You will see a lot of Sidi, Daytona and Alpinestars when you look at the motorcycle boots of motorcyclists. The reason behind this, is that these renowned brands offer the best motorcycle boots. Most motorcycle boots are made of genuine leather. Leather is extremely durable and therefore very safe. You will also regularly come across synthetic leather and a combination of leather and textile when you look for a new pair of motorcycle boots.


Casual and urban motorcycle shoes with great comfort

Casual motorcycle shoes look like normal shoes but still offer the protection motorcyclists need. Thanks to durable material and hard protection at the toes, heels and ankles, you can ride your motorcycle safely when you wear a pair of urban motorcycle shoes. No one will notice you are wearing motorcycle shoes and you won't notice it much either. Comfort and mobility are important points brands look at when developing motorcycle shoes. For motorcycle rides where you want to take a break halfway to sit on the terrace, casual motorcycle shoes are highly recommended. Motorcycle shoes are lightweight, comfortable and simply very comfortable to walk in. Combine the motorcycle shoes with motorcycle jeans and a cool motorcycle jacket for an urban or classic look.


Buy motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes at Biker Outfit

Do you want to get the best motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes? Then be sure to take a look at the Biker Outfit range. At Biker Outfit you can easily buy your new motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes online. Or visit our store in Amsterdam to try on multiple models. Our staff is ready to help you find the perfect pair motorcycle boots or shoes.


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