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A motorcycle outfit is not complete without motorcycle trousers. Biker Outfit has a wide range of women's motorcycle pants in different styles. We have the perfect women's motorcycle pants for novice bikers as well as for die hard tour riders!
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The choice for a certain type of women's motorcycle trousers depends on various factors. First, you have to wonder when you will drive the motorbike. If you drive mainly in the summer, you need a different pair of motorcycle trousers for women than someone who goes out on the bike every day.

The women's motorcycle pants from the Biker Outfit collection are made of leather or textile. Here, leather is the most rigid type of material. Do you prefer a bit more freedom of movement? Look at the trousers of textile.

Our collection women's motorcycle gear is therefore divided into the categories sport, tour, adventure, urban & casual and custom. Are you a sporty rider and would you like a pair of motorcycle trousers that fits, we recommend you to search in the sport category.


Different women's motorcycle trousers each season?

Most of us do not need a different pair of motorcycle trousers for every season. Still, it is a godsend for many motorcyclists to have at least two motorcycle pants. We therefore share our range of motorcycle trousers in different seasons. We sell women's motorcycle pants for spring & autumn, summer and winter. Different material thickness and wind permeability are suitable for every season. In the summer, with high temperatures, black leather motorcycle pants for women are less comfortable to ride than in winter.

And just in winter you want to have as warm a pair of motorcycle trousers for ladies as possible that stops both wind and rain. When purchasing your first motorcycle pants, it is also useful to look at the different types of weather conditions in which you want to drive. If you have a big tour scheduled abroad, it is wise to read the product specifications of your ideal women's motorcycle trousers. In this way you choose the perfect motorcycle pants that make your rides as comfortable as possible.


Customer service of Biker Outfit

Because of our large collection of women's motorcycle gear we can help every motorcyclist with superior quality motorcycle trousers. Yet it is possible that our collection is overwhelming. For questions or advice about the women's motorcycle gear, you can visit our shop in Amsterdam or consult our customer service. Our specialists are happy to help you with advice so you can enjoy your women's motorcycle trousers for years.

With an order from € 50, - you will receive the order and delivery for free in the Netherlands. Order your perfect women's motorcycle trousers now at!

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