Winter gloves for your motorcycle have a thick thermal lining. In addition, they are waterproof to keep your hands warm for as long as possible. If you ride around freezing point and below, heated gloves offer a solution.
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If you also ride in cold and wet weather conditions, winter motorcycle gloves are a godsend. A thick thermal lining ensures that your hands stay warm longer and prevents tingling fingers. It is important with winter gloves that you put them on warmly. If your own hands have to warm up a cold motorcycle glove, you are already 1-0 behind. In addition, winter gloves for the motorcycle should be spacious. The stagnant air in the glove provides the best insulation. If you don't have a buffer of stagnant air and you make contact with the glove, your hands cool down very quickly on the motor. You can put on the best insulating winter glove, but if it is too small, it will still overshoot its target and you will not keep warm hands on the motorcycle.

In addition to a thick thermal liner, waterproofness is very important for winter gloves. You have many winter gloves that are standard waterproof, but you can also go a step further by choosing Gore-tex motorcycle gloves. Gore-tex gloves are extremely good at keeping your hands dry and the Gore-tex membrane also has a high breathability. Due to both the high water resistance and this breathability, your hands stay warm longer on the motorcycle.

Eventually you will also get cold hands on the motorcycle with winter gloves. They will make this process take longer, only if you spend a long time on the motorcycle in winter and the weather is cold and rainy, even then winter gloves will not guarantee warm hands. The only thing that helps is heated grips or even better, heated gloves for the motorcycle.

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