Biker Outfit is one of the largest HJC dealer in the Netherlands. HJC is famous for their high quality but affordable motorcycle helmets and have been crowned 'number one in the world'.
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HJC helmets

HJC has 4 production facilities and its headquarters are based in South Korea. As one of just a couple of manufacturers, HJC helmets has its own windtunnel facilities for research and development of their products. In this facility advanced techniques, testing and improvement can be used to achieve the greatest possible stability, optimal ventilation with the lowest possible vibration level, minimal wind noise and air resistance. HJC takes its claim to be No. 1 worldwide very seriously. Entry level helmets as well as R-PHA high-end helmets go through uncompromising testing methods to guarantee a top product with corresponding top technology.

Since 1971 it produces millions of helmets on a yearly base, under their own brand name or for others. HJC is represented by the biggest names in Moto GP, Superbike and cross GPs.


R-PHA Fiberglass

The high-end range of R-PHA fiberglass full-face helmets or flip-up helmets are considered “best value for money’ and can easily compete with top level helmets in higher price ranges. 

Highlight for the true Marvel fans is are HJC R-PHA 11 Venom II or HJC R-PHA 11 Anti Venom helmets.


Why choose an HJC helmet?

Just look around and you will see a lot of motorcyclists ride with HJC helmets. That's not surprising of course, HJC motorcycle helmets can call itself "No. 1 in the world". You can purchase an HJC full-face helmet from entry-level prices. A HJC flip up helmet is also very popular and available in various price ranges. In the high-end fiberglass range you can consider an HJC RPHA helmet. The HJC RPHA 12 full-face helmet, for example, is super light and very comfortable. The HJC RPHA 91 flip up helmet is one of the lightest flip up helmets with sun visor and pinlock. Biker Outfit is one of the largest HJC dealers in the Netherlands and is happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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