All scooter riders and passengers are required to wear a helmet. In this section you will find our complete range of scooter helmets, all suitable for the helmet obligation that is in effect on 1 January 2023.
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Scooter helmet

Do you have a blue plate?Then you must wear a helmet from 1 January 2023.All scooter helmets in our collection meet the CE homologation for the helmet obligation that will apply from 1 January 2023.A safe scooter helmet is of great importance for your ride on your scooter.Fortunately, this does not always have to come with a high price tag.You will find cheap scooter helmets in our collection, as well as more luxurious versions.A scooter helmet is available for men and women.There is therefore a suitable helmet for every scooter rider.View our complete range of helmets for scooters and order your favorite scooter helmet quickly and easily.


Scooter helmet with the CE homologation

At Biker Outfit you have the certainty that the scooter helmet is always provided with the ECE 22.05 quality mark.This CE quality mark is only given to scooter helmets that have passed the CE test.Nowadays there is also the ECE 22.06 quality mark, an updated version of the ECE 22.05 quality mark.Both labels are suitable.Every scooter helmet in our range meets the safety standard.Think of tests on the shock resistance, the wear resistance and the overall protection of your head (including your ears).The big advantage of our CE-approved scooter helmets is that you can not only drive them in the Netherlands, but that they can also be worn on all European roads.


Want to buy your perfect scooter helmet?

What should you pay attention to when buying your scooter helmet?It is important that you think in advance about which type of scooter helmet you need and which scooter helmet - literally and figuratively - suits you best.So don't just look at what a scooter helmet looks like, but also look at the type and size that is right for you.


Determine which type of scooter helmet you prefer

You can choose from the following types of scooter helmets.The most sold helmets for the scooter are jet helmets, but of course we also have system helmets, full-face helmets and modular helmets for the scooter.

- Jet helmet: this type of helmet does not have a chin guard.This type of helmet is also called a half helmet or potty.

- Full face helmet: this type of helmet has a closed helmet shell / fixed chin piece

- System helmet: this type of helmet helmet is a combination between a jet helmet and full-face helmet due to the folding chin piece

- Modular helmet: this type of helmet is also a combination between a jet helmet and a full-face helmet.Only the chin piece can now be folded back completely, or the helmet has a removable chin piece.


The right size scooter helmets

It is important to buy a scooter helmet that fits well.Too much space between the head and the inner shell is unsafe.Too little space between the head and the inner shell can irritate and cause headaches.To determine the helmet size of your scooter helmet, you can use our size tables.With this you can easily find out what your scooter helmet size is.All you need is a measuring tape.Measure the circumference of your head, just above your eyebrows and ears.This circumference in centimeters gives an indication of your helmet size.However, heads come in many forms.Round, oval, long and narrow, you name it.To find a scooter helmet that is safe (fits well) and comfortable, fitting remains very important.One medium can be tight, the other loose.

So please note: size charts are always an indication of the size.Your perfect size depends on many aspects.The size information provided by the manufacturer does not guarantee a perfect fit.So if you are in doubt, fitting is always better.


How much does a scooter helmet cost?

In our store in Amsterdam we have a very wide range of scooter helmets in various price ranges.From a cheap scooter helmet as well as more expensive models of scooter helmets.How expensive a scooter helmet is depends on the material of the helmet, the options and the lifespan of a scooter helmet.The more exclusive the material, the more options and the longer a scooter helmet lasts, the more expensive the purchase of a helmet for the scooter.



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