Bluetooth systems are made to connect you to your phone, listen to music, hear your navigation or more. That is communicating with other riders. And that can be done from driver to passenger or in a group. What do you want?
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Communication systems for motorbike riders


With a motorcycle communication system you'll enjoy riding your motorbike even better. When you place a communication system on your motorcycle helmet, it will enable you to listen to music, receive navigation instructions and talk to other motorcyclists while riding a motorcycle. You can also use a motorcycle communication system to receive Flitsmeister notifications.


There are different ways to communicate with other motorcyclists. Some units make it possible to only talk to your passenger or, for example, to a fellow motorcyclist. Other units make it possible to communicate with each other in both small and larger groups while you are riding. Naturally, you need a more advanced communication system to talk to several people at the same time than for 1-on-1 communication. The best motorcycle communication systems use mesh technology, or DMC. Bluetooth is also widely used to connect the systems.


Cardo Systems and Sena motorcycle communication systems


Cardo Systems and Sena are two well-known brands when it comes to motorcycle communication systems. If you ask a motorcyclist what kind of communication system he or she has, you will often be told that it is from Cardo or Sena. The motorcycle communication systems from Cardo and Sena are advanced and offer many functionalities. One brand is not better than the other. It's also possible to connect the motorcycle communication systems of Cardo and Sena with each other. Of course, it is easier and smoother to use systems from the same brand.


Single and duo motorcycle communication sets


If you are looking for a motorcycle communication system, you can choose from a single or duo set. If you know another rider who also wants to purchase a new communication system, it is smart to order a duo set together. A duo set is cheaper and you'll immediately have a friend to communicate with. It is also possible to purchase a separate set with one communication unit. At Biker Outfit you will find many different designs. Choose the motorcycle communication system that has all the functionalities you want. Popular communication systems are the Cardo Packtalk Edge or the Sena 50S. Both great systems to use for years to come. The Packtalk Edge has JBL speakers and the 50S from Sena has sound from Harman Kardon. So there is nothing to complain about the sound quality of both devices!


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Are you looking for the best communication system? Then view all devices from Sena, Cardo and other brands at Biker Outfit. Thanks to our wide range, we're sure you will find a suitable communication system. We can imagine you have questions about the different systems, so please feel free to contact us or visit the store!



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