A motorcycle helmet is perhaps the most important item of your motorcycle outfit. It has to protect the most vulnerable part of the body, that is your head. You will find in our collection motorcycle helmets different price ranges, types and styles.

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Motorcycle helmet

A motorcycle helmet is essential for every rider. Motorcycle helmets protect your head: the most vulnerable part of your entire body. This is the reason wearing a motorcycle helmet is mandatory. There are many different types of motorcycle helmets. There is a suitable motorcycle helmet for every type of rider. With any motorcycle helmet, the fit is extremely important. A motorcycle helmet must fit well and match the shape of your head. We advise to try several motorcycle helmets, from different brands, until you find a model that suits you perfectly. At Biker Outfit we are happy to advise you in your search for a suitable motorcycle helmet.


Different motorcycle helmet types

You can choose from different types of motorcycle helmets. The best known helmet is the full-face helmet. Full face helmets are the safest helmets available, because they're made of one piece. Other popular motorcycle helmets are flip-up helmets, jet helmets, all-road helmets and modular helmets. You will find all these motorcycle helmets in Biker Outfit's wide range of stock. We'll always be able to offer you a suitable motorcycle helmet.


The best motorcycle helmet for every type of rider

It depends on several factors which motorcycle helmet fits you best. Each type of motorcycle helmet is suitable for a specific type of motorcyclist. Are you a sporty motorcyclist and do you visit the track every now and then? Then a full-face helmet is the best choice. Jet helmets are mainly worn touring or custom motorcycle owners. Flip-up helmets are often worn by touring riders, but you also often see them among instructors and the police. A flip-up helmet is best suitable for communicating with others. You can decide at any time whether you wear the motorcycle helmet open or closed. All-road helmets are, as the name suggests, suitable for multiple conditions.


Fit of a motorcycle helmet

It's important a motorcycle helmet has the perfect fit for your head. A motorcycle helmet must be comfortably, even at high speeds. A motorcycle helmet is only safe when it fits properly. A too large motorcycle helmet is unsafe and very uncomfortable when you ride at high speed as it causes the helmet to shift around your head. On the other hand, a motorcycle helmet that is too tight can cause irritation and headaches. Always try on different motorcycle helmets until you find a model that fits the shape of your head perfectly.


Buy your new motorcycle helmet at Biker Outfit!

Are you looking for a new motorcycle helmet? Would you like advice? Please contact our employees or visit our store. This way you will be sure that you'll go home with a motorcycle helmet that fits comfortably and ensures that you can safely ride your motorcycle. At Biker Outfit you will find a large stock of the best motorcycle helmets from brands such as HJC, Scorpion, AGV, Shoei, Roof and Shark.

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