When you ride your motorcycle at higher speeds, it is advisable to wear a leather motorcycle suit. A 1-piece race suit is the best choice if you regularly go to the track. Leather motorcycle suits are very durable and therefore very safe.
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Motorcycle suits for men

Motorcycle suits offer the best protection when you're riding a motorbike. This is the reason why most track riders wear leather one-piece motorcycle suits. Leather motorcycle suits have a tight fit to offer more protection. Nowadays not only sporty riders wear a leather suit, but also less sporty riders choose for a leather motorcycle suit. A one-piece suit offers more protection than a loose jacket and trousers or a two-piece suit.

There are some differences between the motorcycle suits for men. Most suits are made of leather, but there are also some textile motorcycle suits. If you want to go for the safest option, a leather one-piece suit is the best choice for you.


One-piece and two-piece motorcycle suits for men

Are you looking for a one-piece motorcycle suit or a two-piece motorcycle suit? There are some things you could consider before choosing your motorcycle suit. Because they consist of one piece, one-piece suits are safer than two-piece suits. A two-piece suit has one big advantage, you could unzip the jacket and take it off easily. For street riders this is ideal as you can take the jacket off during necessary breaks. Sporty riders who regularly visit the track often go for a leather one-piece suit.


Leather motorcycle race suits for men

Most motorcycle suits for men are made of leather, some models are made of textile. If you're looking for the safest option, it's better to choose a leather suit. A leather motorcycle suit offers the best protection for riders. Leather is extremely durable which makes it very suitable for sporty riders. If you pay attention you'll see everyone wearing a leather motorcycle suit on the track.

Leather motorcycle suits for men are specifically made for motorcycle riding. This means a leather motorcycle suit will not be comfortable when you're standing or walking. As soon as you get on your motorbike, you'll feel the motorcycle suit will fit like a glove. We recommend wearing motorcycle underwear under any type of leather motorcycle clothing.


Alpinestars, Dainese and REV'IT! motorcycle suits for men

Most well-known motorcycle clothing brands have various men's motorcycle suits in their collection. Brands such as Alpinestars, Dainese and REV'IT! have multiple variations when it comes to men's motorcycle suits. These men's motorcycle suits are designed and made with sporty motorcyclists in mind. Supersport motorcycle or naked bike owners usually wear a tight-fitting leather motorcycle suit.

At first glance, the Alpinestars, Dainese and REV'IT! suits are very similar. After all, the purpose of motorcycle suits is always the same: protecting your body while riding a motorcycle. However, there are some differences between the motorcycle suits for men. Some motorcycle suits offer more protection for the critical parts of your body and there are suits with different ventilation options. Furthermore, some men's motorcycle suits are prepared for or equipped with an airbag.

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