Defy the wind, rain and cold on the scooter? You want to protect your hands while riding a scooter by wearing safe and comfortable scooter gloves.
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Do you like to ride your scooter? Then a helmet will be illuminated from 1 January 2023. But you also want to protect your hands on the scooter. Against the weather conditions such as the rain, wind and cold. But gloves are also important for your safety on the scooter. In addition to scooter gloves protecting your hands, you steer the scooter with your hands on the handlebars. Good grip and pleasant contact is therefore of great importance. In addition, you don't want your hands to get too hot in the summer or cool down during a rain shower.

Compared to regular gloves, scooter gloves are designed in such a way that you do not experience any restrictions while driving. Think of flexible and elastic material for moving your fingers and steering the scooter. If you had woolen mittens on your hands, that could become a lot more difficult.


Scooter handlebar muffs

Do you like to give your hands extra warmth on the scooter? But are gloves not quite your thing or not warm enough? Then take a look at our collection of handlebar muffs for the scooter. These are hand warmers that you can easily attach to your scooter's handlebars. And when the sun starts to shine again and the mercury rises, you can take them off just as easily. If scooter handlebar muffs or hand muffs do not provide enough heat, you can always look at heated gloves for the scooter.


Biker Outfit customer service

You can order scooter gloves online with us, but you can also find our wide range of motorcycle gloves in the store. We also have a wide range of scooter locks, scooter helmets and scooter accessories. Such as leg covers and hand muffs for the scooter. Of course we have even more in-house, such as a wide range of motorcycle helmets, motorcycle clothing and accessories for motorcycle and scooter equipment.

Are you looking for the perfect scooter gloves but do you still have some questions? Then please contact our customer service. Our scooter specialists can help you with the purchase of your new scooter gloves!

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