Motorcycle boots protect your feet and make shifting easier by adding a gear shift pad. Motorcycle boots have protective elements around the toes, ankles and heel and have reinforcement in the footbed.
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Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots are an important part of a motorcyclist's outfit. With motorcycle boots you protect your toes, ankle, heel and part of your shins. If you unexpectedly fall, your feet will often quickly hit the ground. This has to do with a physical reflex. For this reason, you want to ensure your entire feet are properly protected. You can easily achieve this by wearing a pair of motorcycle boots.

Motorcycle boots can be found in many shapes, sizes and materials. There is a suitable pair for every type of motorcyclist. Think of sports, sports tour, tour, adventure and classic motorcycle boots. You can also choose from different forms of ventilation and waterproof membranes. Furthermore, there are many differences in the heights of motorcycle boots. A higher motorcycle boot is able to protect a larger part of your shin. On the other hand, a shorter motorcycle boot is often more comfortable, especially when you are not riding a motorcycle and want to walk around on short breaks.


Sidi, Daytona, Forma, Alpinestars, REV'IT! and Dainese motorcycle boots

Just like all other parts of a motorcycle outfit, motorcycle boots are offered by many different brands. This gives you and us a lot of different boots to choose from. You can easily find a model that exactly meets your needs. Brands like Sidi, Daytona and Forma are well-known for their motorcycle boots. These three brands focus on protecting the feet, ankles and shins of motorcyclists. Alpinestars, Dainese and REV'IT! also have a wide range of several types of motorcycle boots. Compare the different models and look for the best motorcycle boot for your riding style. Of course we are happy to help you with that.


Waterproof motorcycle boots with a Gore-Tex membrane

Waterproof motorcycle boots are essential for motorcyclists who ride in all weather conditions. Nothing is as annoying as wet feet and socks. By purchasing motorcycle boots with a waterproof membrane, you will no longer have this problem. However, waterproofness is not always unlimited. Some waterproof membranes still allow water to pass through over time. This is different with Gore-Tex. A motorcycle boot with a Gore-Tex membrane is 100% waterproof and will ensure your feet always stay dry. For real adventure or off-road motorcyclists who ride in wet conditions, a waterproof motorcycle boot with a Gore-Tex membrane is a must-have. But motorcycle boots with Gore-Tex are also recommended for tour riders or sporty motorcyclists.


Buy your new motorcycle boots at Biker Outfit

Are you looking for a good pair of motorcycle boots to provide your feet and shins with the proper protection? Then take a look at the motorcycle boots from Biker Outfit. Thanks to our wide range of motorcycle boots for every riding style, we are sure you will find a suitable pair. You can try out all motorcycle boots in our store or easily order them online. We ensure you will receive your new motorcycle boots as soon as possible.

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