Rev'it is a leader in motorcycle gear, but their glove collection is also impressive. The collection is very broad and covers all segments such as tour, race, urban and cross gloves.
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REV'IT! motorcycle gloves


REV'IT!has an extremely wide collection of motorcycle gloves.Gloves from REV'IT!protect your hands, fingers and possibly part of your wrists.Like the longer REV'IT gloves, they will protect your wrists better. REV'IT also has a collection of short motorcycle gloves, ideal when temperatures rise.

Motorcycle gloves from REV'IT!are provided with various forms of protection.For example, consider extra reinforcements on the palms and fingers.The knuckles are often protected by hard TPU protection parts.In addition to providing the necessary protection, gloves from REV'IT! are also designed to keep your hands warm, or cool.For example, some models are equipped with a thin or thick thermal lining.Other REV'IT!gloves are perforated or ventilated.Also don't forget there's a collection of waterproof REV'IT! motorcycle gloves.A glove with a Gore-Tex membrane prevents your hands from getting wet while riding a motorcycle.There is a suitable glove from REV'IT for every type of motorcyclist.You can even choose from a lot of different styles: sport, sport-tour, tour, adventure, urban and classic!


REV'IT! summer motorcycle gloves 


In summer, a pair of REV'IT summer gloves are indispensable. REV'IT's summer gloves will provide your hands with the necessary cooling while riding a motorcycle. REV'IT summer gloves are vented or perforated.Both options ensure the wind keeps your hands cool.This means you are less likely to suffer from sweaty palms and you can continue to comfortably ride your motorbike.The degree of ventilation differs per type of glove.


REV'IT! heated winter gloves 


If you keep riding your motorbike in winter, you know how quickly your hands get cold.With winter gloves from REV'IT! you'll keep your hands warm as long as possible. REV'IT! winter motorcycle gloves have a thick thermal lining. Are gloves with a thick thermal lining not warm enough? Then have a look at REV'IT's collection of heated glovesIf heated gloves and gloves with a thick thermal lining are a bit too warm, for example during autumn, you can also opt for gloves a thin thermal lining.


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You're sure to offer your hands the best protection with motorcycle gloves from REV'IT. Wear-resistant materials, hard protection parts and reinforcements will protect your hands when necessary. You can easily order motorcycle gloves online.We ensure you'll receive your new gloves from REV'IT! as soon as possible.If you don't know what size you need, you are always welcome to try on different models in our store.We are happy to show you the differences between the gloves.

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