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Men's motorcycle trousers

Men's motorcycle pants are a must for every male motorcyclist to safely ride their motorcycle. Motorcycle pants protect your entire lower body, your legs and your hips are protected by abrasion-resistant material. Men's motorcycle pants are not only made of durable material, but you'll also find protectors on the knees and hips. These knee and hip protectors are made to absorb impact. Most men's motorcycle pants are standardly equipped with knee protectors and hip protectors, while other pants are prepared for knee and hip protectors with special pockets.

Men's motorcycle pants are designed to fit perfectly with a motorcycle jacket, so both garments have the same fit and style. It's often possible to zip men's motorcycle pants to a men's motorcycle jacket of the same brand. This makes your motorcycle outfit safer, as your back will stay covered by material, but also increases comfort.


Leather and textile motorcycle trousers for men

The vast majority of motorcycle pants for men are made of leather or textile. Both materials are suitable as a basis for comfortable, protective motorcycle pants. Leather and textiles each have their own characteristics. For example, leather is very abrasion resistant which makes it generally safer than textile materials. Nevertheless, textile is also very durable and the material is an excellent basis for men's motorcycle pants.

Leather motorcycle pants for men are usually used by sporty riders, but leather motorcycle pants can also be ideal for less sporty motorcycle riders. If you occasionally visit the track, leather motorcycle pants are the best choice. Men's textile motorcycle pants are often seen among motorcyclists who commute to work. Textiles are an excellent choice for day trips and motorcycle holidays. Textile men's motorcycle pants are very comfortable and often have multiple uses. 


Men's motorcycle trousers from REV'IT!, Alpinestars and Dainese

In our wide range you will find men's motorcycle pants from all well-known, but also lesser-known, brands. Choose between different men's motorcycle pants from REV'IT!, Alpinestars, Richa and Dainese and get the best pants for your riding style. Make sure the motorcycle pants match the season you want to ride in. You should have a look at pants with a removable lining or waterproof Gore-Tex membrane if you want to keep riding in rainy seasons.


Men's vented motorcycle trousers

Vented motorcycle pants for men are essential for the summer season. In summer you often ride your motorcycle in high temperatures. This means you could use some options to cool down. Men's motorcycle pants that are breathable have air-permeable properties that keep your lower body cool while riding. While riding in the heat with vented motorcycle pants, you'll be able to fully concentrate on the road. This way you'll keep motorcycling safe for yourself and your fellow road users.


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