Are you looking for a reliable system to fix, stabilize and protect your smartphone while riding a motorcycle? Then get acquainted with the unique range of products from SP Connect.
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SP Connect quick and secure smartphone mounting


From diverse solutions in the field of iPhone protection and Samsung covers to (wireless) charging modules and from special mounting systems to universal SP Connect bicycle mounts and SP Connect motorcycle solutions. In addition, there are various SP Connect systems that can be combined with RAM Mount solutions.


The brand offers a quick, safe and easy solution for all common models of smartphones. From SP Connect for the iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel models and universal covers, chargers and mounting systems; the particularly extensive range offers endless possibilities. Thanks to SP Connect's expertise, experience and consistent in-house production, you are always assured of the highest quality standards with this brand. SP Connect gives you everything you need to stay connected in an active life!


Anti Vibration Module


One of the SP Connect products that can be particularly recommended for motorcyclists is the special Anti Vibration Module or the SP charging anti vibration module SPC+. This helps to dampen vibrations while driving; this not only ensures that your smartphone camera is optimally protected, but also guarantees a stable mounting. A number of smartphone mounting systems can also be used for mounting, for example, an (extra) mirror or a camera.


The story behind SP Connect


In 1988, Thomas Krenn founded the company SP Bindings, which focused on the development of snowboard bindings. This parent company is also responsible for the SP Connect trademark, which specializes in designing and developing innovative and high-quality solutions for protecting, stabilizing and securing smartphones while running, cycling, driving and motorcycling.

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