Rev'it has an extensive collection in the field of motorcycle footwear. This includes Revit waterproof touring boots as well as GoreTex motorcycle boots, motorcycle shoes and motorcycle sneakers.
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REV'IT! motorcycle shoes and motorcycle boots


REV'IT! motorcycle shoes and motorcycle boots protect your entire feet, this makes them indispensable for any type of rider. The boots and shoes from REV'IT! are made of durable materials such as leather, textile, a combination of leather and textile or synthetic leather. The motorcycle shoes and motorcycle boots from REV'IT! are equipped with hard protection parts to absorb impact. Consider hard reinforcements at the heels, ankles and toes. Furthermore, the soles are very sturdy, which keeps the bottom of your feet stable. There are many differences between motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes from REV'IT!. They have a broad collection. You can choose from different styles and features when looking for new footwear. In terms of styles, think of sport-tour, tour, adventure, urban and classic. Every motorcycle boot and motorcycle shoe from REV'IT! has unique properties. Valuable features for riders include waterproof membranes, vented parts or side zippers.


Motorcycle boots from REV'IT!for optimal protection


Motorcycle boots from REV'IT!  are the best choice when you want to experience the best possible protection. The REV'IT motorcycle boots are higher, this way they will also protect part of your shin.Your ankles also have better protection when you wear motorcycle boots.If you are going on long scenic rides or are an adventure rider, wearing high motorcycle boots is essential.Motorcycle boots from REV'IT!are very comfortable and easy to put on or take off.Secure the boots using sturdy Velcro.The motorcycle boots from REV'IT!have extra reinforcement just behind the toes.This makes shifting gears a bit easier.The padding protects the material of the motorcycle boot against unnecessary wear.Many motorcyclists choose REV'IT!motorcycle boots with a waterproof membrane so they won't have to suffer from wet feet during heavy rain showers.Do you want 100% waterproof footwear?Then choose a REV'IT!motorcycle boot with a Gore-Tex membrane.


Comfortable REV'IT!motorcycle shoes


REV'IT motorcycle shoes are suitable for all types of motorcyclists.The big advantage of wearing REV'IT!motorcycle shoes are the high degree of comfort, combined with necessary protection.Because REV'IT!motorcycle shoes are very comfortable, you can simply walk through the city without any problems or aches in your feet.There are also motorcycle shoes from REV'IT!with an urban look.You can't even tell these are protective motorcycle shoes.These types of motorcycle shoes look great in combination with motorcycle jeans and a casual motorcycle jacket.


Buy new motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes from REV'IT! at Biker Outfit


Are you looking for a good way to protect your feet, ankles and possibly your shins?Then take a look at our wide collection of motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes from REV'IT!. You can see and try on all shoes and boots from REV'IT! in our store.You can also order them online.Thanks to our lightning-fast delivery, you'll soon ride with your new REV'IT!motorcycle shoes or boots.

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