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Abus 8008 DETECTO 12KS120

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To deprive criminal elements of the urge to commit criminal acts, there is not only the alarm brake disc lock 8008 from ABUS, but also the 12KS 120 Black Loop chain that fits right into it. You will see: your motorcycle stays where it is.

The unheard-of noise that the lock makes at the slightest shock, in combination with connecting your motor to, for example, a pillar cast in concrete, a floor anchor or the like, hardly gives thieves any chance.

Features 8008 lock:

  • Very good security
  • Recommended for the protection of high-quality engines
  • 16 mm locking pin head
  • The bolt and supporting parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
  • Alarm function with min. 100 dB for 15 seconds, then automatically switch on again
  • 3D Position Detection: recognizes shocks and the smallest movements in all three dimensions and activates the alarm
  • Acoustic signals indicate the battery and activity status
  • Abus X-Plus cylinder for extremely high protection against manipulation (eg picking)
  • Two keys included in the delivery, one of which with LED light
  • Manual cover of the keyhole against contamination and corrosion
  • ABUS Code Card for make-up and reserve key
  • Made in Germany

Features chain 12KS120 Black Loop:

  • Chain length approx. 120 cm
  • Weight approx. 3,800 g
  • Specially hardened 12 mm thick square chain
  • Separate use of chain and brake disc lock possible
  • Chain can be compactly assembled and comfortably transported under almost any saddle